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  • bk bk Dec 31, 2008 10:52 AM Flag

    ? about the Yankees...

    how good will the Yankees be next year in light of their recent signings?

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    • the yankees are still the number three team in the east.just because they spend a lot of money does not make them better.

    • Tex is a slow season starter and c.c numbers are better becasue he pitched in the N.l last season tink about it u get to pitch to the pitcher 3 times a game in the n.l and thats usally about 2 more ks a game

      i lik ewhat the yankees have done what i really want to see is burnett have a smokin season but by the time they are done
      they will have the best team on paper no doubt but 162 games is a long way to go staying healthy is key to any teams sucess

    • I am a Red Sox fan to start. The Yankees honestly will be amazing as they are most years. Jirardi is nothing special granted. But Joe Torre did have Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Abreu, Mussina, Clemens on his roster at one point and they had rough years. This year they did the Yankee thing that pisses everyother team and their fans off, they bought their team. The Red Sox and Rays grew their teams and made gambles. There is one big difference Sabathia and Teixeira are no gambles. Burnett has Pavano written all over it though. They will be good, make the play-offs, and will potentially leave the Rays out of the play-offs after being in the world series and the Red Sox recently winning 2 of them.

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      • CC is not as good as everyone thinks..Run his stats..He has had 1.5 maybe 2 good years. You cant take what he did in the NL all that serious hell, Matt Clement had a few nice season back in the day! You can add another run plus to CC's era next year. He'll win, but it wont be as pretty as it was in the NL. Burnett will certainly be a bust and hard to say where Tex will end up..like the other 2 free agents, he has never dealt with NY and all the crap they have to put up with 24/7.

    • The Yankees will do great this year because they now have players who are both good and they are team players. With all of the people saying they need to use their minor league players I somewhat agree with you but they have never fully used their minors when they were winning, they would always have a couple of big players to lead the team

    • i mean by aging red sox big plopi is 34 and 36 year old lowell. plus they dont have a catcher right now. so how could they not make the playoffs and win the world series. those rays just got lucky last year with all those walk offs.

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      • I dont think any of that made sence at all..I know your a yankee fan!

      • Varitek is no help now. I takes more runs off the board by killing rallies then he helps a rotation with 3 potential all-stars and 2 potential all-stars in the bullpen (Papelbon and Okajima or Masterson). Some does have to make outs for a game to end I guess. But Bard can hit, has youth, and most importantly without Kevin Cash has experience with Wakefield and other members of the staff. Without a healthy Posada the Yankees will probably win with offense 15-12 every game and Rivera with 70 saves, which could happen I admit, would burn out with his age. The saddest part is that I will still draft him for my team. Real play-offs don't matter in fantasy.

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    • What the haters fail to realize is that the Yankees have reduced their payroll from last year by close to 20 million dollars at this point and are going to field a far better team from a year ago. The igmorant baseball fans dont see that 86 million dollars came off and we have replaced it with a much more talented 65 million worth of contracts. I feel that Brian Cashman deserves a great deal of credit for taking the moey we were wasting on Pavano,Giambi, Pettite and even Mussina (who was not seriously gonna have another season like that) and using it to sign the top three free agents available. So when the yankees win the world series I hope the haters have a better excuse than overspending!

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      • he would deserve credit if he wasnt responsible for the f'n problem. he signed most of those contracts. + igawa+ keeping kennedy and cabrera instead of trading for johan. he is a moron and only a moron would defend him

      • Correct they chopped off close to 90 million subtracting many spots on their roster..They filled three spots for for close to 60 million so far..Pettit, another 10 - 15 if he signs, Manny, another 15-20 if he signs..oopps there is your 90 million smart A$$ and they still have pitching spots to fill and DH/OF and bench. More than likely they will exceed the 226 million they spent last year and come close to 240. That will be nearly 80 - 100 million more than any other team like it has been for the last 10 years. Keep spending sooner or later they'll figure it out that its not about buying theb best players its about finding the hungry players.

    • they will win the world series. last year the aging red sox got lucky with who thy played and when but not this year.

    • They will rise to the top and become once again the evil empire that everyone hates! Or loves, and all of you people really love the yanks..... you're closet yankees fans, all of you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • I agree to some extent. I was born in Boston and a lifetime fan of the Red Sox. I thought teams of Jeter, Posada, and Matsui (all hall of famers in my book) were amazing. Then they took A-Rod a player they didn't need with the 3rd best SS in the AL already on their team and added the #1 SS. Now I hate their team. (Nomar was #2 before he got hurt now he's the #45 1B and 3B)

    • Why is this year any diffrent from the last 10..Spend spend spend and still come up empty in the end! The Yanks could fund the Rays payroll for 8 to 12 years with just the money they spent on the latest three free agents. 2nd or 3rd place again!

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