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  • Dan Dan Sep 30, 2008 12:45 PM Flag

    keeper league, who should i keep?

    stats are R HR RBI SB AVG W SV K ERA WHIP

    I have Ram?n Hern?ndez, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, Derek Jeter, Denard Span, Brad Hawpe, Pat Burrell, Carlos Pe?a, Ty Wigginton, Mike Lowell, Carlos Lee

    John Lackey, Jonathan S?nchez, Jensen Lewis, Brad Ziegler, Mike Pelfrey, Dan Haren, Ben Sheets, Vicente Padilla,
    Rich Harden, and Armando Galarraga

    I think im keeping Ortiz, Wright, Lee, Lackey, Haren, and either Harden or Pedroia

    Any suggestions?

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    • it looks like i'll keep ortiz, Wright, Lee, Lackey, Haren, and Pedroia but if anyone has anything else to add it would be much appreicated

    • David Ortiz is a waste. He wont even qualify as a 1B next year, he has wrist issues, and overall he's just disappointing owners everywhere this past season.

      Keep him for a lack of better options elsewhere, but he's not worth keeping anymore.

    • id keep harden instead of lacky, you cant get rid of a young cubs pitcher for a old angel...

    • You should keep more guys than that.You have to hang on to both Perdroia and Harden. Span is a slap hitter having good 2nd half. Hernandez is little over the hill.Go for Young Catcher...Ianetta...Shoppach..Teagarden? Lowell is not a good keeper..he's been fading for awhile. Burell is a k machine...that hits for power. Zielgler won't close for A's next year...try Devine. Padilla, Span,Sanchez, could get dropped

    • Pedroia all the way over Harden. There are TONS of quality SP's out there, especially off the waiver wire throughout the season, or even late round sleeper candidates. Second basemen, however, don't grow on trees. and you arguably have one of the overall best. To put it in perspective, don't think about the names at this point. Just ask yourself which is more valuable, a great player at a very scarce position (who isn't injury prone)? or simply a "good" option at a position that's considered to be the deepest (who is often injured)? trust me, keep Pedroia and u'll have a killer mix of 5-tool performance from your infield keepers alone.

    • You can't go wrong with whom you picked as keepers. But I'd keep Pedroia instead over Harden.

      For next season I'd keep an eye on Chris Davis 3B from Rangers, the guy's gonna be a combo 1,2 punch in that Texas lineup along with Hamilton. Nelson Cruz from Rangers has monstrous power as well, but I wouldn't jump on his bandwagon that quickly.

      Closers are as follow from watching a couple of guys in the league: If K-Rod leaves the Angels, keep an eye on Arredondo, he has legit closer stuff. If A's deal Street, either Ziegler or Devine will close game for Oakland (they're both that good.)

      Ryan Rowland-Smith is a starter you should keep eye on (really like the guy from what I've seen when M's put him in rotation.) Bank on the Twins rotation as legit starters, as well as anyone from the Tampa Bay Rays (Niemann is gonna be filthy. Wow what a curveball, hate to say this, but it's better than Felix Hernandez' hook. Niemann's fastball just jumps out of his hand, and before you know it, it's by you.)

      There are a couple of other guys I like out here in both leagues, but just can't think of their names right off the top of my head. Those are some observations made by me through the course of the season, some up close and personal. Well, good luck and whatever you decide, those choices aren't bad for keeper league.

    • i like your picks and with harden's health issues and pedroia's stellar play i go with the sedond baseman.


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