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    Lincecum - Cy Young

    Everyone knows that "Tiny" Tim Lincecum just struck out 13 Dodgers in 7 innings, with an amazing 9 Ks through the first the first 3 frames.

    It's common knowledge that his 2.62 ERA is 2nd in the NL to Johna Santana, and that he leads all pitchers with 265 Ks.

    Surely you're all aware that Lincecum won 18 games for a team that scored a meager 640 runs in 2008, 2nd to last in the MLB.

    And of course, the front-runners for the 2008 Cy Young are...
    Brandon Webb and CC Sabathia?


    I wonder, will The Baseball Writers of America consider the game on July 28? With the Diamondbacks meeting the Giants at Comerica Park, Lincecum outdueled Cy Young rival Brandon Webb through seven innings, only to have Tyler Walker blow the save, granting Webb a win.

    Will the voters consider that Lincecum's post-break BAA is .193, better than Brandon and CC?

    If Cy Young voting is based on the success of the team, and all signs indicate that this is the case, then perhaps the award should be given to CC Sabathia for helping the Brewers into the playoffs.

    And if past accolades factor into the decision, then Brandon Webb ('06 NL Cy Young) and Sabathia ('07 AL Cy Young) are certainly deserving players.

    But, pound-for-pound, Tim Lincecum has turned in the best individual pitching performance of 2008. His team didn't trade for big names like Dunn and Sabathia. In a hitter's park, Lincecum mowed down Major League hitters from April to September, with and ERA of under 2.98 in 4 of the 6 months.

    This youngster should absolutely not be denied his first of many Cy Young awards.

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    • Timmy deserved it. His season reminded me, to a lesser degree, of Steve Carlton's Cy Young year with the 1972 Phils where he went 27-10 for a team that didn't win 60 games.
      p.s. I picked up Tim as an undrafted free agent last spring in my 8 team league. Smartest/luckiest move I made.

    • Yes Timmy will be the Cy Young in 2008. A Met fan in San Francisco.

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      • He's done it.

        Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants won the Cy Young Award after the pitcher ranked second in the National League in victories and earned run average.

        Lincecum went 18-5 last season with a 2.62 ERA and led Major League Baseball with 265 strikeouts.

        ``I have always taken pride in trying to strike people out,'' Lincecum said on a conference call with reporters. ``It's one of those things that get me fired up.''

        The 24-year-old right-hander received 23 first-place votes and 137 points in balloting by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks was second with 73 points and Johan Santana of the New York Mets was third with 55.

        Lincecum had a quarter of his team's victories as San Francisco finished last season with a 72-90 record. He's the second Giants pitcher to win the award as the league's best pitcher, following Mike McCormick in 1967.

        The Giants selected Lincecum with the 10th pick in the 2006 draft. He went 7-5 with a 4.00 ERA in 24 starts in his rookie season.

        Lincecum said he threw his changeup more this season, helping him get more groundballs and strikeouts.

        ``This year it came up as a good pitch for me,'' he said. ``I found a grip that I am comfortable with.''

        First-Place Votes

        Webb and Santana each received four first-place votes with Milwaukee's CC Sabathia getting the other first-place vote.

        Webb, the 2006 Cy Young winner, was 22-7 and led the National League in victories. The right-hander's 3.30 ERA ranked 10th in the league.

        Santana, a two-time Cy Young winner in the American League, led the NL in ERA at 2.53. He finished his first season in New York with a 16-7 record.

        Sabathia went 11-2 with a NL-high seven complete games and three shutouts in his three months with the Milwaukee Brewers. He compiled a 1.65 ERA in 17 starts for Milwaukee after arriving from Cleveland in a July 7 trade. The left-hander won last year's AL Cy Young Award.

        By Danielle Sessa

    • ok timmy was the best in 08 but johan made it close at the end. for 09, is timmy going to be number 1 again or will john santana be more consistent and maybe have a decent bull pen behind him. my thought is timmy will be even better.

    • get a clue, people.

      lincecum deserves it hands down.


      Dominance and consistency is all that matters. That factors ERA, WHIP, Ks, IP, and splits. Webb had an AWFUL final 10 games. Sabathia's FULL SEASON should count [and he was mediocre before leaving the AL]. That leaves Santana and Lincecum at the top with EVERYONE ELSE behind them.

      Santana edges in ERA, but barely, and he has only a slightly higher WHIP [1.15 to 1.17], which suggests more dominance. HOWEVER, Lincecum has 59 more strikeouts-- and that's MUCH more dominance, especially considering he's almost equal in ERA/WHIP.

      Remember also that Velez made an OBVIOUS error that was ruled a hit, and that cost Lincecum points in WHIP, extra runs, and a loss. If that didn't happen, he'd be beating Santana in ERA, WHIP, Ks, W, and L. Yes, all 5.

      Also remember that Lincecum was beastly all season, while Santana was only "good" in the beginning.

      Also don't forget Santana has a MUCH better lineup and a MUCH better defense behind him. MUCH better.

      Get your heads out of the gutter. Lincecum is the clear winner.

    • Sabathia does NOT deserve it, he was in the NL half of the season. Granted he was top notch for that half of a season, but Lincecum dominated the NL ALL YEAR. Lincecum is the deserving winner of the Cy Young award, but since he plays on a crappy team he might not get it. The people that vote on this stuff dont necessarily make the right decision all the time

    • if lincecum were on the mets THEY would have beaten the brewers 2 day

    • hey krusty we heard u already . tim is in. giants r terrible but & so was mets bullpen. if u want a name ryan dempster. NOBODY FOR MY MONEY could match timmys performance timmy 4 mvp.

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