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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown Sep 19, 2008 4:21 PM Flag

    Shut the F* Up Curt Schilling

    what did he say that was so bad? that manny wasn't a team player??? well, DUH. manny 'prima donna' ramirez is a nutcase.

    And I give schilling props for speaking up, particularly about steroids. It's only an honest, non steroid user who would be so outspoken about the most important issue in baseball the last 20 years, so even if he's abrasive he's ok by me.

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    • I'd still rather have Manny than Schilling, even after all the crap Schilling said. At least he didn't take a chunk of money in the off season only to sit out from an injury. Curt Schilling can suck it. He knew he wasn't going to play, so why did he steal the Red Sox's money.


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