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  • Florida Steve Florida Steve Sep 12, 2008 7:56 PM Flag

    Rain PPDs in Playoffs

    OK, I'm in the middle of our playoffs, and 4 of my guys are on the Cubs and Astros. Am I going to get screwed because of this damn hurricane, since the game probably won't be played until next week?

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    • it's a conspirency against you, by the weather channel & fantasy sports & mlb. They just want you to think there is bad weather, so the son the mlb can win his week against you. Waive your protest banners, young man.

    • There should not be a fix for this. IF a game gets rained out it's tough luck just like if 2 of your top guys get injured and are out for the season. I'm currently in first place in a league where I lost Kinsler and Carlos Lee but, I made adjustments and have been able to keep first place. I was affected by the hurricane canceled games in a head to head league as well but, they gave plenty of notice before hand that the games were to be postponed plus, if you pay attention to the weather reports you can figure it out for yourself sometimes and bench guys that most likely wont play for others that will. I went from a 6-3 lead to a 9-1 lead in the semi-finals after last night simply because the other team made no changes with his many players in postponed games while I made alot of changes and had a starter in every position. You have to be willing to make changes and pick up hot bats in the playoffs or you will lose.

    • You guys need to deal with it. Like the other guy said, people are losing their lives and losing friends, families, and homes and all you can do is whine. I hope a tornado or earthquake or something hits you, and i hope no one worries about you. POS.

      And you deal with fantasy players not playing. I supposed you want some reparations when carlos lee or carl crawford went down? Send a message to yahoo saying it's not fair guys get hurt. I have a couple teams with soriano and D lee. Both guys aren't playing and I'm still winning 8 to 2. So deal!!!!

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      • And your point is? All my teams are ranked number 1 and with all the games being cancelled I'm still killing. It's the principle of it for me. losing lives ? People lose them everyday, no different today than it was yesterday, and last year, so on so on. You can use your "people are losing lives speech" for your presidential election campaign. I'll be the first to vote for ya.

    • I feel that pain, Yesterday I had 2 players play. No pitchers at all. This round of the playoff should be extended or something. It's hard to see my number 1 teams go down due PPD's ever freaking day. And I'm sorry but there is no way I'm dropping players like D. Lee. Soto, Ramirez, Dye, Miguel Cabrera Alexi Ramirez, just to have players go everyday. I have one expendable pitcher on my whole staff, and he's not really expendable either, Buerhrle

    • Rainouts and weather are a part of baseball (unless you have a dome of course). Fantasy baseball is no different.

    • Dude, I'm in the same boat! Fucking Hurricane! I asked my commish, (whom I happen to be playing this week) if there is a way to extend the week...of course he hasn't answered!

    • there's a good chance of rain tomorrow. pick up west coast players right now for tomorrow if it's really that big of a deal

    • I have sent a memo to Yahoo Sports in an effort to get a fix for rain outs. I see no reason why they cannot get a fix where is if you have players on the bench, who's game has not started yet and you have players in the lineup who's game is rained out why you cannot do a roster change is beyond me! I have the same problem, I have an 8 - 4 lead going into the weekend, I am going to lose Soto, Soriano and Berkman! I don't know what they will do if anything, but it needs to be fixed, use Monday's stats for those players, you sure don't want to drop them if your going to advance to the finals, confused as you am I! LOL!


    • People's homes are going to be destroyed, and their lives turned upside-down, and all your worried about is whining about how the hurricane will affect your fantasy baseball team. I'm sure the entire Gulf Coast apologizes for any inconvenience.

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      • I agree that everything that has happened down there sucks. But this guys question is valid in that he posted it in a forum where this question is on topic. You're reply is off topic, in that you have no proof what this guy could be doing to help the victims. I'm in no way saying he is absolutely doing anything but this forum is for fantasy sports and that is what his question was about.

      • I didnt ask them to live in a flood zone!!!

      • The hurricane will effect alot of things. Im sure when gas prices head up again, your not going to be singing the same song, even though the source is the same. A "oh well get over it" attitude is not productive and a sure sign of ignorance. No one is suggesting these games be played for the sole benefit of fantasy players. But just as contingencies will be put into effect for other industries, the same should be done for fantasy sports. Whether that be extending the week, including stats from madeup games, or just recieving a definitive answer from Yahoo Sports. Any of these options will allow fantasy managers to look forward.

      • PLEASE! I, as I am sure everyone is very concerned about the well being of those people who are, or will be effected by the hurricane! This has nothing to do with that! I am sure for the most part it is managers who are just frustrate over the fact they have invested the time and effort for a whole baseball season just to have it cut short because of yahoo's inability to have a fix in place, whereas you can make roster changes for those players who's games have been rained out with players on the bench who's games have not started! I know for me personally for all those who may be effected one way or another by the hurricane they are in my prayers and may God bless them all. Now yahoo please get a fix in place!


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