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    Is it ethical to lock up all FA probable pitchers?

    So here's the downlow. I'm playing in the final round in a winner-takes-all fantasy league, H2H. I find myself in tight competition with the other guy, and due to the fact that my pitchers have had a bad week, I've been forced to turn over my pitching staff every day, loading up on active pitchers.

    Now, the thought just occurred to me that, if I add a pitcher, then drop him, he goes to waivers for a couple days. What are your thoughts on me pulling every probable pitcher for Sunday through my team, putting the ones I don't keep on waiver (and therefore unsignable for him)? I mean, is this just the lowest form of gameblocking, or is this somewhat legit? This WILL impact the last game, as he has NO pitchers on his current roster that will start Sunday.

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    • Of course it's unethical. Would you teach you kids to do this?

    • I've been in leagues where a team did that on a daily basis the whole year. Just hoarding up spot starts- be it Brandon Knight, Jonathan Niese, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, or whatever. Personally I hate it.

      But if you're doing it out of necessity because certain stars are really struggling (Aaron Cook and Kyle Lohse come to mind, and to a lesser extent Pedro Martinez), than I think you're just doing what you have to do.

      Also, throwing in free agents for one spot start is a major double-edged sword. They might pitch well, or they might allow eight runs in one inning. So it could cost you the game just as easily as it could win it for you.

      Not to mention that if the other guy needed the pitching help, he should have done something about it.

    • as a league commissioner, i lock all teams at the start of the playoffs to prevent such obvious dickhead moves. managers can only add/drop if a current player gets injured

    • There are more risks than rewards with streaming. You can't stream someone unless you are sure you can win saves, and your hitting is better than the other guy. (assuming you are on a standard 12 stat h2h)

      The guy I'm playing hasn't been all out streaming, but since I did it in the playoffs last year, everyone thinks its the cool thing to do. Except I'm beating him 4-2 in the pitching categories, and since he starting Pineiro tonight, I started my boy Maholm and now I'm crushing him. Now I don't have to start anyone else and I am a lock to take pitching categories 4-2.

      But if you really hate streaming, and you want to keep it out of your league, there are two things you can do to prevent it happening, other than waiting for the playoffs to complain. #1 You have to have Loses as a category. If you don't have Loses in your h2h league, than you're an idiot if you don't stream. #2 Have an innings cap around 40-50. Then starting pitching becomes alot more valuable and you don't have to worry about someone starting 25 pitchers in a week.

    • if u add a player one minute and drop him the next minute, he will go back to a FA if he hasnt played a game on your roster

    • yeah, i got a guy in my league that has made about 50 add/drops in the past 3 days...it's driving me crazy but what can you do? if he and i both win this week we'll be going head to head for the championship which means i'll have to keep an eye on his adds/drops for scavenging purposes. c'est la vie...

    • It's legit, because spot- starting comes with its risks too. If the pitcher is on the FA market, odds are he's not very good, so he could just as easily have a bad game and screw your team over.

    • Your league should have an innings cap if they are going to complain.

      If they didn't then you should do anything to win your matchup.

    • If you roll your pitchers every day you are back dooring your competition anyway, so in for a penny in for a pound. I would not do that as it is skeezy and makes the playoffs totally different than the rest of the year and goes against the spirit of things. (That could be why I am Commish in my leagues and limit wire moves and dont join leagues that do not.)
      Not against the rules but a sheez move either way.

    • Streaming is fine and not unethical because if your league cared enough they would have put a cap on innings pitched. They didn't, and you can't be expected to leave a chance to win a matchup on the table, especially after playing for over 4 months.

      But you can't just stream pitchers through your lineup and have them all be on waivers. I think only the last pitcher you drop will be on waivers.

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