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  • Nate Nate Aug 28, 2008 10:26 PM Flag

    Why do people quit in the middle of the season?

    I've been playing fantasy games since 2001 and there are always about 3 - 5 managers that quit in every league.. why even bother if you're going to call it quits sometime down the road? It just gets under my skin.

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    • That's what I love about a Winnner league. Lots of participation from everyone in it with little to no dead weight. I am fighting for 2nd and it will be an honor to finish so. If I am doing poorly in a league I still find it fun to play the spoiler and grab hot free agents before the others do just to move up a wee bit in the standings. It pisses them off but there are no rules against fielding a competitive team.

    • I quit a league for the first time this year, I usually take my beatings like a man. However this time I could not stand the constant use of foul langauge and bickering that was going on. I like trash talk as much as the next to a point.

    • Another reason is some people use the public league for practice drafts. Then they draft in there private league. But the best way to do practice drafts is Mock Draft Central. It is a great place for practice drafts. Yahoo should start a site similar.

    • that there are a couple of dead leagues. You'll get an *

    • I appreciate everyone's post on this subject. I just posted it because I have two fantasy baseball teams and both are in first place. Even though i've worked hard at keeping it that way, I just want it to be legit with 11 rival managers or so. So next year any of you guys that want an active manager that knows how to win save my email (homeboy_4811@yahoo.com) and invite me and i'll check it out.

    • I run a league. It's a 14 team league that the GMs for the most part follow from sport to sport so there is consistency.

      All GMs have strengths and weaknesses and play accordingly.

      Overall, it's a fun league. But it's not a high pressure league. We'll take on newbies and train em if needed as long as they put in the effort and the GMs do give an effort but it is also known that this is just a game and has low priority when dealing with the concerns of real life.

      I've got a good group who have integrity as well. I've had GMs resign of their own accord because they knew the league had moved past their skill level.

      They may not check their teams every day like some people want, but they are competitve and fun to compete against.

      I also run several teams but its more so to try different strategies but I see things through to the end and know not to over-extend myself.

    • People quit in public leagues because they dont know the people in the league and dont have a reputation to uphold.

      When they quit in private leagues, a good commissioner doesnt invite them back.

    • Cause they did not know what they were doing in the first place. I agree, battle for 5th place or something as it makes fantasy sports that much more interesting. Trust me I have had my share of crap finishes but it is only fair to the league to give 110 percent from start to finish. Quitters should be punished and not allowed to play the following season or not invited back.

    • Everyone who replies to this message should just create a league and join together, I am sure none of us will quit.

    • If you join then play ... I'm in a couple of different scenerios... I have no hopes for a playoff spot, but can make a difference to another potiential playoff team.. So I'm staying active for integrety... Same with another league.. I'm playing an inactive team that could push me to a bye.. I don't know why people join if they aren't going to stay active...

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