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  • Chucktown00 Chucktown00 Jul 31, 2008 10:28 AM Flag

    Manny a Marlin

    I hope he stays a Sox. He is exactly what the Sox deserve and he is a jerk like most of their fans. Sox fans are like Braves fans in the 90's. You would think all of that failing would have taught them humility but instead they are just obnoxious. Give me a KC fan, Rockies fan, or a Pirates fan anyday. Hell, even a White Sox fan. They are real fans, not wannabe Yankee-type fans.
    Unless some had the sense to boo Manny at Fenway. I said what Peter Gammons(see ESPN Insider for his blog this week-he NAILS Manny) said about Manny back in June when he assaulted the 62 year old traveling secretary and now he has gone out of his way to prove me right. He's a bad team mate and a bad person who is only about Manny and the money. He is so desperate to get that payday he doesn't even care that his teammates are trying to win a pennant. Bet you guys wish the team hadn't let him "be Manny" all those years now, huh?
    So, I'm rooting for ya', Fake Sox! Keep Manny and let him rip your team apart! Manny being Manic! Its just too bad he can't go to NY so you can watch him in pinstripes like Johnny Damon.(Like we need another reason to hate the Yankees)
    p.s. How's that road record going?

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