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    My Strategy

    My league has 12 categories- 6 for hitting, 6 for pitching. Say for example, I drafted a stacked offense. For example, while everyone else was drafting their first pitchers, I continued to draft stud batters. I would probably win all 6 offensive categories if I drafted the right combo of speed and power. Then, I could pick up 5 or 6 closers to guarantee a win in saves. My starting pitchers would all be guys who typically pitch a lot of innings. I'm not talking about elite guys, just guys like Cook who pitch a lot of innings. Then I could win the "quality starts" category as well. That leaves me winning 8 of the 12 categories, week in and week out. Has anyone ever tried this and been successful, or am I living in dream world with this idea?

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    • Hitters, Closers, then Set-Up if you want to ge that route. Win the batting stats and the S's. The Set-ups will get ERA and WHIP, leaving you vulnerable in IP and W, but everything else will be strong. Just make sure you get a couple of 4 & 5 SP's to qualify if your league has minimum innings pitched to win those categories.

    • I tried this in a 10 man H2H league. My first year playing Fantasy Baseball and it has not gone well. Mostly due to injuries to players Like Jorge Posada, Travis Hafner, and Matt Holiday... slow starts for Jeff Francoeur, Jermaine Dye and Michael Young. (With my bad start I gave up on Young and Dye to early and dropped them) This is something else I've learned, I need to have more patients with my players who are career good performers. The other problem with this in a 10 man league is every team is filled with all star line ups and relief pitching in the later rounds is scarce. I still like the idea it just didn't work out for me.

    • Yes,I have done this before.It works well.Just make sure the pitchers you are putting in are keeping your ERA down.So if your guys have a bad run.Like my Team did last year in the playoff Final."finished in 2nd,but regular season was 1st"We were tied in the finals.So,I did not know in a event of a tie it does not go to the best record.The tie breaker goes to ERA & then WHIP.
      P.S...So,sometimes having the best team doesn't mean your's is the best.L.O.L.......
      Good Luck...........Hoped I Helped.

    • You can play both sides of the coin, hitting or pitching. I go the route once in a while for variety. A system is great but you have to be able to recognize value when you see it, get it and be able to adapt.

    • i tried it this year, unfortunately a few of my draft picks included corpas, putz, zimmerman, and figgens. messed me up pretty good.

    • yah this is not a bad strategy at all, i play in roto, and use a similar strategy. i drafted kazmir and lincecum and then later on the draft took marcum and a few other pitchers. starting pitchers are the LEAST important part of a fantasy team even in a roto league

    • Very interesting, I may try that next season, if it works/.

    • I did try this strategy last year and had a very solid lineup that included some of the top hitters such as David Wright, Hanley Ramierez, Vlad Guererro, Ryan Braun and several other hitters. It is a nice option in my opinion because pitchers are more prone to injuries and inconsistency from year to year. I tried it because I had been very successful the previous year in picking up good young pitchers the year before off the waiver wire such as Kazmir, Hamels and J. Weaver that led me to a championship. I figured that I could replicate that, but could not and my pitching brought me down. I ended up just missing the playoffs and finishing 7th out of 12 teams. What I think works best is focusing on hitters with your top six or seven picks and them go for pitching in the middle rounds. Then go for solid prospects and sleepers in the late rounds. Doing this, I ended up with pitchers like Zambrano, F. Hernandez, Lincecum, Kazmir this year.

    • I have tried something very similiar to that! And it worked out pretty nice! It is a gamble bc, if your pitchers and hitters slump but it worked nicely for me...give it a try!

    • I have 7 teams 3 private 4 public, all 12 man roto.. 5x5 scoring
      in my private I'm 5,5,6 and my public I did auto-drafts, 10 and 11, but sittin 4th, 18 pts out and the other 28pts out also 4th,
      so overall not to bad I guess.....

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