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  • Mark Mark Jul 19, 2008 12:05 PM Flag

    My Strategy

    Yes,I have done this before.It works well.Just make sure the pitchers you are putting in are keeping your ERA down.So if your guys have a bad run.Like my Team did last year in the playoff Final."finished in 2nd,but regular season was 1st"We were tied in the finals.So,I did not know in a event of a tie it does not go to the best record.The tie breaker goes to ERA & then WHIP.
    P.S...So,sometimes having the best team doesn't mean your's is the best.L.O.L.......
    Good Luck...........Hoped I Helped.

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    • I'm a fantasy rookie and had no idea ties come down to ERA and Whip. I think it sould be AVG., but the chances are pretty slim for a championship to result in a tie. Either way, 2nd place is just fine for me.

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      • It can be a very powerful strategy, but remember after the draft, you should look in on your team and see what your missing out on. Last year I won a league because I drafted with my first 3 picks M. Cabrera, A. Ramirez and H. Ramirez, and traded Cabrera late in the year for the pitching I needed to get me over the top.

        Somewhere on the LEAGUE page there is a link for H2H stats, click on that periodically, and see where your team stands. I have a league I'm in now where all my closers got hurt except Lyon, and so I decided to get rid of saves. It seems stupid to some, but when you haven't won saves one week in the year, maybe you can drop/trade guys to get another stat you are winning consistently, or improve another.

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