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  • The only problem with your logic is that hitters will never win in any of the pitching categories. Just as your pitchers only go once every 5 days, so do the pitchers for the other teams. Not getting at least 2-3 quality starters will ensure that you miss out on at least 3-4 of the H2H categories.

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    • I still have pitchers, 2-3 good starters that I drafted in the 8th round or later.....this year, lincicum, Harden, F hernandez. Then I use the waiver wire for the other starts. It works. Then I even use one of those starters as trade bait for another hitter once the season gets going. Amazing how much fantasy players fall in love with a SP who pitches once a week or so. And even the best SP has a bad week. And if he has a good week, another starter can offset his stats. Not so with a hitter, can;t offset a HR, RBI or steal.

    • That's what I'm saying- If I can manage to win 5 or 6 offensive categories plus wins and IP or QS, I won't need wins, ERA, or WHIP. I could have guys like, I don't know, Aaron Cook or Jonathan Sanchez who pitch a lot of innings and have a lot of great starts, but wouldn't necessarily have to win a lot. I would still have 3 or 4 good pitchers, just now elite guys like Webb or Peavy or the like.


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