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  • wires wires Jul 18, 2008 6:33 PM Flag

    My Strategy

    I see nothing wrong with your stategy. I draft hitters, then RP then SP's. SP's, in my opinion, are a commodity in fantasy H2H. You can always pick up a pitcher and still get a quality start. It is a waste to take a SP early in the draft. I know some will disagree with me, but there is no question in my mind that you should not draft pitchers early. Take Santana as an example, pitched yesterday, not the best of efforts, and guess what, won;t see him again for 5 days. In the meantime, there are probably several FA you can add and get some good stats before Santana even comes around in the rotation again. Hitters play most every day.

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    • The only problem with your logic is that hitters will never win in any of the pitching categories. Just as your pitchers only go once every 5 days, so do the pitchers for the other teams. Not getting at least 2-3 quality starters will ensure that you miss out on at least 3-4 of the H2H categories.

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      • I still have pitchers, 2-3 good starters that I drafted in the 8th round or later.....this year, lincicum, Harden, F hernandez. Then I use the waiver wire for the other starts. It works. Then I even use one of those starters as trade bait for another hitter once the season gets going. Amazing how much fantasy players fall in love with a SP who pitches once a week or so. And even the best SP has a bad week. And if he has a good week, another starter can offset his stats. Not so with a hitter, can;t offset a HR, RBI or steal.

      • That's what I'm saying- If I can manage to win 5 or 6 offensive categories plus wins and IP or QS, I won't need wins, ERA, or WHIP. I could have guys like, I don't know, Aaron Cook or Jonathan Sanchez who pitch a lot of innings and have a lot of great starts, but wouldn't necessarily have to win a lot. I would still have 3 or 4 good pitchers, just now elite guys like Webb or Peavy or the like.

    • That's what I think as well. How successful have you been?

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      • 100% of the time in the playoffs. Most of the time 1st thru 3rd in league standings. Playoffs can be a crap shoot because one week someone can get hot plus 40 man rosters and players sitting out change things. But no question SP is overrated in fantasy baseball. I have converted all my friends to this philosophy. Most don;t draft a SP at least until the 7th round or later. Look at your draft results and you will see what I mean about when the starting pitchers were drafted and how they are doing. You can get a very good SP in late rounds or on waivers early in the season. But not as easy with hitters. Hamilton is an exception this year.


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