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  • John S John S Jul 17, 2008 5:43 PM Flag

    Did I Screw Up ??????

    I needed pitching and speed. I traded Utley and Vazquez for Roberts and Hamels. Utley has cooled off over the last month. I know he will heat back up, but don't think he can duplicate his first half. Did I make a mistake. What could I have gotten?

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    • I thought this deal sounded bad in your original post, but after reading the responses, it seems you gave up more than I originally thought. Getting Hamels and Roberts for Utley, Volquez, J, Vazquez and R. Vazquez is very uneven. lol.

      These clowns need to learn to read.

      Seriously though, Utley is a clear first rounder. Roberts is a third rounder at best and Hamels probably a 4th or 5th rounder. You never give up a first rounder for that little return regardless of your need. If you had shopped him around, you could have gotten more. If you needed speed, you probably could have gotten someone like Ichiro, Sizemore or Kinsler along with a top pitcher like Beckett, Sabathia or Volquez. I'm not saying that everyone would have made that deal, but with the 1st half that Utley had, this would have been feasible and expected.

    • I don;t tihnk it's that bad a trade. Ramon Vazquez is basically a throwaway, especially since Blalock is back at 3rd base, so it's basically Utley for Roberts and Hamels. I tihnk Utley is worth mroe than those guys, however, you definitely upgrades SBs and Pitching, so team needs might have been met.

    • lol man, try to get that trad vetoed cause damn man. u could have gotten a lot more, maybe just utley for the 2 players but yea, DEAL WITH IT.

    • While I might think you got a slightly bad deal, on principal..... I gotta say that alot of these responses are baseless, and pretty ignorant.

      Look at the stat lines of the 2 pitchers- huge jump in production from Vazquez to Hamels. You ultimately get at least 1.5 era boost, .5whip boost, and more inn/ game. K/9 is roughly the same, so expect to see more k out of hamels, due to the higher IP rate.

      As for Roberts/ Utley- not sure your loss on this side balances it out. You lost a ton of power production, and a much better lineup around him than in Balt. This may change with roberts on the move... maybe??? Big gamble there.

      So u may have lost ur ass on Roberts side, and come up big on vazquez for hamels..... But when you combine this, you could have done better making a move for figgins (buy low) and getting another quality player with some power to go with a similar quality pitcher. Or at least picked up another player in the deal. You had some upward room in that deal, but if you're happy, who really cares.

    • If ur team could do without RBIs and HRs, then u did fine although you could have gotten more. I think Utley is worth Roberts and Hamels alone without looking at needs. SB is just one category while RBI and HR are two. If Utley was a big part of your RBIs and HRs then you messed up big time.

    • u good the worse of the deal, but if u need speed roberts will help, and hamels is better that vazquez. you should have gotten more 4 utley though. you shouldn't just throw away ur first round pick...

    • You screwed up huge bud. Utley is an elite 2b and its key too have elite people in key positions ie 2b/ss/c. The difference in Vazquez and Hamels is not great. Vazquez on any given night can be as good as Hamels. Your gaining maybe .5 in era and giving up 30-40 HR's, 50-70 RBI's and gaining 20 SB.

    • theres no if and or butts about it, you got screwed. you traded away possible the n.l. mvp and the n.l. cy young winner. you could have gotten better.

    • These clowns that say you got a bad deal have no clue.
      Roberts' #'s are better than Chase's over the last month and Hamels is a major upgrade over Vazquez. I like the deal. Sometimes is takes balls to give up the big name, but I think you did good.

      Utley 12 3 7 4 .256
      Roberts 22 2 4 8 .323

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      • You got two studs for one, you made out like a fatrat. Hamels will be gold playoff time and the negatives offensively by losing Utley are tempered by getting Roberts. Vasquez is crap, a throw away that should have never been on your roster to begin with. And you got value for him. You've weakened your opponent, good job.

      • I think you did OK. Only downgraded in the HR & RBI catagories. Picked up in the SB though. Pitching catsagory went up across the board. Upgraded 6 catagories and dropped 2 overall. Sounds good to me. Also, it takes a very elite player like Utley to pry away Hamels & Roberts in the same deal. Anything less than Utley would probably have gotten a reject.

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