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  • Gumby Gumby Jul 17, 2008 2:20 PM Flag

    Yankee Fans, Papelbon and A-Fraud

    Well... I just felt that I needed to write this... everyone always asks me how I can live in NJ all of my life, taken countless trips to Yankee stadium, and not be a fan of the team... well,there are many reasons, but the main one just happened this week over the all star break... Jonathan Papelbon... the poor kid, speaking his mind, expressed in an interview, that even though Rivera was one of the greatest, if not the best ever, closers of all time, that he would love nothing better than having the opportunity to close the game, even knowing that he can't compare.. and what happens? the NY media and yankee fans, misconstrue his words to make it sound like he felt that he was a better closer and deserved it more.. so bad, that even during the red carpet parade, his pregnant wife had her life threatened by disgruntled, confused, and arrogant fans... what a shame... it's no wonder that in every other venue across the country and canada, all fans of baseball say that yankee fans are the worst in the country... why would I want to be lumped into that crowd?? sorry, not for me... everyone has their opinion and their right to it, and I'm sure I will get a few comments from yankee fans over this, but who cares, the facts are there... its a recurring theme... franlky, I think K-Rod should have closed it anyway if they needed it... he's the one with 37 saves at the break....

    A-Fraud... first, he wouldnt take part in the HR derby in his home stadium, after being told that he would be the centerpiece and be allowed to "call a shot" to honor the great Babe Ruth in the house he built, turned it down more than once because he was afraid of not winning and being embarassed... I guess his ego is bigger than baseball, the Babe and Yankee stadium at this point... this is your 300 million dollar man... and did anyone notice that as soon as he came out of the game he bolted for the locker room never to return?? What a guy! Good luck the rest of the season yankees... you're gonna need it.. bad charma... what goes around comes around... I'm done.

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    • everything u just said was wrong. A-rod doesnt participate in the homerun derby because it messes up ur swing, it makes u try to swing to hard. Where u at paplobons interview? probly werent adn interviews are bullshit, players say what u want to hear. and mo deserves to close no matter what stadium. he is perfect in save opps and has the best era.

    • I dunno all teams have those fans all you have to do is go to the message board and look at the front page of every teams boards. No offense but you are doing to A-Rod exactly what Yankees fans/writers did to Papelbon. Ok A-Rod didn't participate in the HR derby but he wasn't the only player to decline to participate. His excuse was that he didn't want it to effect his swing and if he believed that it would then he should have turned down the invitation. A-Rod is in a lose lose situation no matter what he does or says because he signed a 300 MIL dollar contract. If he participates and then does bad in the second half everyone laughs at him and Yankees fans are pissed that he participated, if he turns it down and then goes on to win the MVP and take the Yankees to the playoffs everyone will still be talking about how he isn't a team player and how he is more worried about himself then the game of baseball. I understand where everyone is coming from and I am by far not a Yankee fan but the guy deserves a break. Not one of us would turn down either of the huge contracts A-Rod signed and if he thinks that the best way to earn that paycheck is to no participate in the derby and focus more on the Yankees then the ASG or HR derby then he should be able to do that.

    • You have a sad and pathetic life if you have to resort to on line message boards to vent and get your message out. What hole in Jersey do you crawl out of every day...just wondering if you suffer from some birth defect.

    • I agree with you on A=Fraud! But, if the All Star game was at Fenway, papelbon would of closed and I think the Red Sox nation would take it the same way while spitting on Rivera's wife!

      Yankee fans are still not as belligerent as the Fenway folks!

      Whatever... TIGERS win the world series, just watch!

    • Dude im so with u wow that was amazing. im not even kidding this really shuld be put somewere on espn or some sports show or website. i totally agree with u.

    • Listen dude, If you think Yankee fans are bad, you obviously havent been to Boston. These people are lunatic mad , they live and breathe baseball, they chant "Yankees Suck" for no reason at FOOTBALL games, and to top it off, Get this:

      Some poor sap that was celeberating the 4th of July around here with his kids and family, and happen to be wearing a NY T-shirt (mind you not even a Yankees shirt) was beaten with a baseball bat to within an inch of his life on 4th of July. For that reason alone I am proud to be Yankee fan eventhough I live in Boston.

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      • And listen to you guys...Yankee fans are worse...no Sox fans are worse....nu uhhh...yes huhhhh. YOU ALL ARE RIDICULOUSSSSS!!!!! You're so worried about being right that you completely forget about being rightEOUS and the kind of example that these full grown adults are setting for innocent children! Both city's fans are out of control and it's become one big pissing contest on who can be bigger jerks to the other city. and each time you just fuel someone from the other city to do something even dumber and more extreme and none of you are going to be satisfied until there's some kind of terrorist act that involves a bombing at the opposition's stadium!! Sounds extreme, I know, but where does it stop? You've taken the greatest rivalry in the greatest game ever invented and twisted it into some perverted back alley fight that never ends! If you all ever get your heads out of your back ends for even a minute, you might actually see what other people outside of your own two cities think of the way you act and might see that it's nowhere near cool!!!!!

    • I am not a yankee fan and i disagree with you. K-rod should not have closed. his ERA is over 1 point higher than rivera he has double the amount of baserunners in nearly the same amount of innings as rivera. and 22 more walks. just because you have saves doesnt mean you are a great closer it just means ur team has a lot of one run games. Its riveras city team stadium. papelbon shouldve kept his mouth shut. hes a stupid kid who should be praising rivera and saying "i would never want to take the closer role from rivera in his own stadium. hes the greatest. " papelbon tries to prove hes better than yankee fans with what one ring. the yankees have 26 and until the redsox start winning some more championships they cant compare to them. its a good thing he didnt do the homerun derby look what it did to bobby abreu it messes up his swing. u my friend are wrong

    • I?m a german baseball fan and youth coach. And I always say "Shit Yanks"!
      We every year have a big party in my house when the Yanks are out off the playoffs because of the mentioned reason! Very good report... I love it!

    • first off, it's KHARMA with a K. Second, you're not saying anything about the fans that everyone else doesn't already know. I mean where else can you go, besides Philly maybe, that has fans that actually boo the sun when it's a hotter-than-average day. Yes, that actually happened earlier this year. NY is filled with a-holes whether they're baseball fans or not. Nothing new. From the parts I heard of the Pap interview he did imply that he should have closed the game...I believe his words were "WE'RE the defending champs and it's OUR staff that's here". A-Rod has always been a premadonna...pun TOTALLY intended...but why should he be in the home run derby?! What would he have done that wasn't done better by Hamilton? There's a lot of guys that pass on being in it because yes, it absolutely does affect a good solid swing depending on the player and if Alex thinks it'll affect him, then more power to him for putting the team and his second half performance ahead of a corny home run derby! Do we get on NBA guys for not being in the dunk contest or NFL guys for not being in the skills challenge? NO, so why him? Why now? Because people don't know how to keep his name out of their mouths. I HATE the Yanks, but I equally hate the crap A-Rod gets put in the middle of just because of his stature in the game. He's earned the right to be the highest paid player in the game and he's a sure first ballot hall of famer and could very well end up being the all time home run king! and if you're banking on NY having a bad second half, you're in for some disappointment. Basically the same team as last year that had the best record in the second half...55-21, I think. It's comin again man...

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      • Wow...just read the other responses after I posted my first one and yah....wow. Do you all really think that kind of stuff doesn't happen at other stadiums....fights, derogotory comments...yes, even in front of a 7 year old, which I'm very sorry for your family that it happened because that is inexcusable...but just a couple years ago you had a father and son jump out of the stands at KC and bumrush the first base coach who was so old he probably soiled his depends! Death threats happen all the time! Hell, Mitch Williams still gets 'em for losing the world series 16 years ago! and he lost it because of the 3 hall of famers Toronto had at the front of their lineup that he had to face! The problem is on both ends here. On NY fans ends because they think it's cool to be a-holes or it makes them bigger fans than anyone else, which is every bit as ignorant as their actions. That's what you get for having a team in the Bronx! You'll get a higher class, more intelligent crowd when they move to Staton Island! the other end of it is everyone else, myself included. We hate the Yanks because they are always good and they RARELY develope any of that talent themselves. They buy hall of famers and perennial all starts. We hate the Yanks because we ALLLLL wish we had an owner like a Steinbrenner who thinks no price is too high to win. I hate the guy with a passion, but I do respect his dedication to bringing in the best players that money can buy! I live in Cincy and our idea of spending money is bringing Griffey Jr. home for the azz end of his career or paying a bumb pitcher like Eric Milton an obsene amount of money for one year...one bad year at that! GEEEEZ! And okay out there Mr. Texas, what did A-Rod's numbers look like while he was in Texas, huh? Good enough to win an MVP and parlay it into a 300 million dollar contract! Blame your fall out on guys that weren't producing and get off A-Rod's back. You have good players now and you're still only beating the Mariners in your division! What, is Oakland and Anaheim stacked or something? NO, they just have decent coaching and better front offices. and I forget who it was, but yes, it's completely fair to lump all of a city's fans together. You all represent each other, the city and the team. You don't wanna be lumped in with ignorance, cheer for a different team. But for the love of God, leave A-Rod ALONEEEE! I don't like him either, but he's never done anything to disgrace the game. He's never been linked to steroids, no other drug problems, I can't even remember him ever charging the mound despite the fact that he gets thrown at as much as any other player in the game or being ejected for arguing with an ump! And please don't think his couple/few bush league moves like yellin at a third baseman so he drops a fly ball disgraces the game. It's more disgraceful that a major league third baseman is so easily distracted and drops a routine pop fly that we all were catching in little league.

    • the yankees and ny media are just like every chest in l.a. FAKE. me being in cleveland, i always here how brian cashman is a good gm and should get an extension and bla bla bla. he has more money to spend than any other gm in sports and cant even buy an american league championship let along a world series ring. if he was ever in a small or even medium market he would be fired before the allstar break. terrible. at least when the red sox spend 200mil they win a championship. and even tho my tribe is down in the dumps this year they will be back next year. (look at their history, every odd year they do very well 95,97, 05,07). if baseball ever got a salary cap, the ranks would die, and clubs like oakland, tampa, cleveland would win more because of good management.

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