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  • Hot Chick Hot Chick Jul 18, 2008 3:07 PM Flag

    Yankee Fans, Papelbon and A-Fraud

    Listen dude, If you think Yankee fans are bad, you obviously havent been to Boston. These people are lunatic mad , they live and breathe baseball, they chant "Yankees Suck" for no reason at FOOTBALL games, and to top it off, Get this:

    Some poor sap that was celeberating the 4th of July around here with his kids and family, and happen to be wearing a NY T-shirt (mind you not even a Yankees shirt) was beaten with a baseball bat to within an inch of his life on 4th of July. For that reason alone I am proud to be Yankee fan eventhough I live in Boston.

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    • And listen to you guys...Yankee fans are worse...no Sox fans are worse....nu uhhh...yes huhhhh. YOU ALL ARE RIDICULOUSSSSS!!!!! You're so worried about being right that you completely forget about being rightEOUS and the kind of example that these full grown adults are setting for innocent children! Both city's fans are out of control and it's become one big pissing contest on who can be bigger jerks to the other city. and each time you just fuel someone from the other city to do something even dumber and more extreme and none of you are going to be satisfied until there's some kind of terrorist act that involves a bombing at the opposition's stadium!! Sounds extreme, I know, but where does it stop? You've taken the greatest rivalry in the greatest game ever invented and twisted it into some perverted back alley fight that never ends! If you all ever get your heads out of your back ends for even a minute, you might actually see what other people outside of your own two cities think of the way you act and might see that it's nowhere near cool!!!!!


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