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  • 13 13 Jul 18, 2008 2:37 PM Flag

    Yankee Fans, Papelbon and A-Fraud

    actually, I have been to both Fenway and Yankee stadium and I see what goes on at both. There may be some hazing in Fenway and foul language used, but I have learned through experience NEVER to wear my Red Sox gear at Yankee stadium. I have personally been pushed to the ground, grabbed from behind and had my jersey ripped, we've had to pull gum out of out hair and off our clothes and had my life and the life of my son and wife threatened . I will not repeat what one group of very loyal Yankee fans said they wanted to do with my wife in front of my 7 year old son, in VERY vulgar terms in front of one of NYCs finest police officers who just said "Pick a different shirt to wear next time, buddy" When I replied "Screw you too, buddy" he was going to arrest ME until I threatened to call Internal Affairs and have him brought up on charges, then his partner told him to just walk away. No apology, no nothing from them.

    Now we spend twice as much money to go to Boston and see the games. I really hope the Yanks luck runs out now that they will no longer be playing in the "House that Ruth Built" now it will be "The House That A-Rod Brought Down".


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