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  • P-Money P-Money Jul 14, 2008 6:38 PM Flag

    A challenge for you experts....

    in my league we start 2 OFs and 3 UTILs

    I'm set at OF with carlos lee and holliday

    Adrain Gonzalez and taveras(for SBs) are cemented in 2 of my 3 UTIL spots. For the other spot, I rotate drew, pence, francoeur, kemp, thome, and sheffield. What can I package to get some pitching? Its OK if I give up more than I get, I want some pitching. I'm in first, but I don't want to be dormant and let the others catch up.

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    • You'd probably have to trade carlos Lee, holliday, or gonzalez to get any real value in return.

      Other than that you're not going to get much for the rest of your OFers. Why? Because most teams have decent OFers as is or know if they wanted another OFer they could find someone on waivers/FA list. Pitching is much more thinner than OF and it's unlikely many would move them unless you're giving up a marquee name. Thome, sheff, and francoeur have pretty much no value (trade wise, I mean I'd probably drop francoeur). Drew and Kemp would be your best BN players to trade but I don't think either (or both) will get you much in return. Personally I'd trade Lee or Gonzalez and get a good SP and then let Kemp and Drew start.

      With Lee you have a shot at getting any SP other than Peavy or Santana. I'd go after CC.

      AGon should be able to land you someone solid like Dice-K or Shields. Maybe someone a little better if they're desperate for a first baseman.

    • Play Drew, and drop pence, francoeur, kemp, thome, and sheffield. Then pick up pitchers.


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