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    I thought I had a good team, but we've been seriously lacking. I was third at one point, but now am looking at fifth. Advice?
    contact me at skyecaptain@gmail.com

    C - A.J. Pierzynski (CWS)
    1B - Alex Gordan (KC)
    2B - Chase Utley (PHI)
    3B - Edwin Encarnacion (CIN)
    SS - Derek Jeter (NYY)
    OF - Shane Victorino (PHI)
    OF - Jermaine Dye (CWS)
    OF - Bobby Abreu (NYY)
    UTIL - Jim Thorne (CWS)
    BN - Chris Coste (PHI)
    BN - Jay Bruce (CIN)
    BN - Orlando Cabrera (CWS)
    BN - Nick Swisher (CWS)

    Chad Billingsley (LAD)
    Tim Lincecum (SF)
    Billy Wagner (NYM)
    Joakim Soria (KC)
    Cole Hamels (PHI)
    Jair Jurrjens (ATL)
    Jeremy Guthrie (BAL)
    Jake Peavy (SD)

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    • 1st base and 3rd base couldnt be worse... Your team has no power either.

      Not playoff bound.

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      • PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!,, U TALKIN' BOUT PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!,,,,,,NO WAY IN HELL !!!!!,,but,, START BY DUMPIN' GUTHRIE,,ENCARNACION,, & THOME ( ALL HE CAN DO IS UTILITY !!! ) worthless !!!!!,, U NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN STEAL A BASE ,,or, TWO !!,,besides VICTORINO !!! ABREU is so inconsistent....,,,,,,NEED SOME CLOZERS !!!!!-(R.P.'s) !! GET H.R. HITTERS FOR THOME and COSTE(BUM) !!!

    • U need a couple CLOSERS (SAVES) !!!,,,ALSO,,,,,Guthrie has got to go !!,,it's the team he's on,,not him !! I like Lincecum,,but,, again,,the team sukks !!-----,,Coste (bye-bye) unough said !!,, don't worry bout' back-up catcher,, yet !! Bruce is not that good !!,, MAYBE U can get a decent R.P. for him !!?? I bet u don't get many saves !!??? SORIA IS SOLID,but,,WAGNER??,HE'S SO-SO!!!,,I'D KEEP HIM,THOUGH !! STILL NEED ANOTHER ONE,THOUGH !!-(R.P.)--at least 3 !!! I ALWAYS KEEP 4 !!!,,REMEMBER !!,, R.P.'s can get u wins,,also !! I would start cabrera @ S.S.,,SWISHER @ FIRST,,GORDON@ 3rd,,JETER can bakk-up,,ENCARNACION needs to go!!,,need S.B.'s !!, let me know what u think

    • Get rid of Coste for sure and probably one more bench player. Find a better 3B, but this depends on how big your league is. I generally only have 1-2 bench hitters in my leagues and deep pitcher staffs because you're gonna be sitting some hitters most days anyways. Go get some relief help maybe a set-up man or a closer.

    • Also alex gordon is slumping right now and nick the swish is coming on. It looks like you are week in power as well...

    • You in a H2H or a Routisseri?

      Wouldn't be a bad Routisseri lineup. But those guys are really streaky except for Chase. (And he has been DL for amonth.. Most of your problem as he is your only realiable player...
      You'd lead the league in SB for the second quarter not much else.
      Pick up some young bloods just making the grade.... Kubel with the twins.... A Rameriz in CHW ...Cody Ross...Hairston CIN and SD! Adam Jones Bal...

      Rios might be available as he FINALLY got hot....

      Even your pitchers are streaky... If your gonna run this lineup trade for the hot guys on the waiver wire with better matchups.
      (You can crankup the wins by haveing pitchers hot all the time.

    • other than dye and utley and abreu... pretty sure all your team is hitting below 300...... not great... your pitching is alright ...... i'm not sure if you have much trading bait to even recruit great players to fill your holes - (1B or 3B big bat - keep gordan he can play either position...You also need a big bat in OF).... peavy and lince....utley and dye.... can be used for bait....

    • GET SOME HITTING!!!!!!!!

    • Im guessing you also probably lose saves most of the time another option would be trading bruce and one of your lower tier starters for a closer whos owner is still high on bruce

    • Ur team swallows donkey jizz just like ur baby sister.

    • Too many bench players. Should only have 2, maybe 3.

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