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  • Chucktown00 Chucktown00 Jul 1, 2008 5:49 PM Flag

    Deport Manny! He is a criminal!

    The Red Sox are a joke! Ramirez should be suspended, fined, and this 60+ year old traveling secretary he assualted should sue him into the poor house. I don't care how good he is. If any of us attacked a co-worker we would lose our jobs and go to jail I hope the Sox never win another game until they do the right thing. I am a Rays fan for the week.
    No, I am not a Yankees fan, either(Reds). Just can't believe this a**hole is being let off the hook. This is the second assault he has committed this year. Deport him!

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    • Thats just Manny being Manny! You gotta love his crazy antics and wacky personality. You are clearly just jealous of the Red Sox's domination, and you are taking out your frusteration on one of the best hitters of the game. Who cares about traveling secretaries anyways.

    • I couldn't agree more! I am not a yankees fan either(Rangers) and I hate Manny too. Chacon just got released for something like that. I know Manny's incident was not as serious, but still, he deserves to be punish. The Rangers actually have some balls. They let go Ponson, who had a 4-1 record and sub 3.50 ERA, for getting drunk and and being disrespecting team rules. When are the red sox gonna step up and punish their players? manny has always and will always be an @$$ hole.

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      • Good point. Ponson wsa let go because he was "a distraction" and "devisive in the clubhouse". Even ESPN, who loves Boston, has discussed on First Take the fact that Manny's act has become old and is now a problem for the Sox.
        I will say again, I thought that, until this incident, the Sox were a class organization, I have thought so since 1975. I loved Jim Rice(who was not the best guy,either). They have sunk so low they are rumored to be considering Bonds! How far will they go to win?
        Their handling of Manny let it get to this. They are now no better than the Yankees. Go to ESPN and you will read I am in the majority, not the minority. Only Red Sox fans are defending this guy.
        Stop being homers. Its hurting your club. If the fans let the team know when something is right then the club will do whats right. The fans pay the bills with the ticket sales and merchandise.

      • I liked Manny until this. Attacking a senior citizen over baseball tickets is just too much.

      • Yup - just sheds light on the color of the organization.

    • Top 9-Rays 3, Sox 1

      Ramirez 0-3, BB, K, Fouled out to first

      He hsn't put a ball in play. Maybe if Tampa put a 60 year old man on the moynd Manny could would get a hit.

    • First of all, some of you guys should go back and finish high school; your grammar and punctuation suck. Second, Manny Ramirez is a douc** bag. I can't believe how the East Coast-biased talking heads at ESPN can continue to just smile, shake their heads and say, "Well, that's just Manny being Manny," after all the times this jackass has screwed up. The city of Boston sucks, its g*y fans suck, and last but not least, the Boston Red Sox suck.

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      • jELOUS?

      • Roids and the big leauges Roids and the big leauges Jul 29, 2008 1:51 AM Flag

        first off, no matter who manny pushed down or knocked down it was still a club associate who is ahead of manny. i love the red sox, but no offense manny is wrong. that pitcher for the astros i forget his name pushed ed wade down, he was then waived. now he was waived because he was a no name player, manny is a big name player. everyone knows who manny ramirez is. although an apology or a fine isnt good enough he should of been suspended. atleast a game. then again like i said, hes a big name player and in a trade situation so they wont suspend because thats less playing time to prove he still has it. although he has already proved that.but it is not fair that he gets a slap on the wrist and someone else of less talent gets waived. but the deporting thing..shutup you moron.

    • The curse of Jack McCormick lives! Break out the brooms the Rays SWEEP! Manny another doughnut going 0-5, 2ks. Now I am a Yankee fan thru the weekend series. Go Yanks!
      "Karma is a funny thing." Earl J. Hickey

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      • you're seriously the biggest douche on here. How many times do gogreen and myself have to prove how much of a loser you are before you finally get it through your small, ignorant mind??? Let me prove what an idiot you are once again.

        First, you're calling out people on here for detracting from the point. I never once defended what Manny did (neither did gogreen) on here. I responded when it was YOU who detracted from the point. You started a topic on here about how Manny should be deported and considered a criminal. Then YOU detracted from the point by going on about the Red Sox position in the standings (still the 3rd best record in baseball by the way). Now you tell me what does that got to do with the original topic Chucky boy???

        Then you want to post definitions on here that you just looked up because you didn't know their meaning yourself. How ironic is it that you posted the definition of the word ironic Chucky??? Isn't it ironic how you call people unintelligent for insults when you started a topic on here insulting Manny and the Red Sox??? Isn't it ironic that you're getting yourself wet over the fact the Rays swept the Sox when you're a Reds fan??? Isn't it ironic that you call Boston fans homers when you're bringing up Ken Griffey Jr.??? Isn't it ironic that you celebrate the Sox being 3.5 games behind the team with the best record in baseball when you're pathetic Reds team is the cellar dweller in the weakest division in baseball??? Talk about irony.

        Face it, you're an idiot. How many more times do I have to prove that to you??? I know you're slow but come on already. Do you really want me to have own you again on here??? I already asked this in my previous post but could you be anymore pathetic??? Based on the fact that you have to follow what the Red Sox do and get your panties wet when they lose proves just how much of a loser you are. The curse of Jack McCormick??? What a joke. You obviously got a grudge and some built up issues with Manny and your World Champion Red Sox. It must be tough being a lonely 41 year old low life without a wife, kids, or friends while living in mommy's basement but you don't have to take out your anger and fraustrations on the Red Sox. Now go ahead and look up another definition to post and keep hating the champs but just remember that mommy wants you take the garbage out and finish the rest of your chores. haha loser

      • deport manny??? karma is on your side???? your either a yankees fan or your just an idiot..... You should get banned from fantasy sports for these racist comments.....

    • Though his hitting ability is undeniable, Ram?rez has periodically displayed a lack of enthusiasm and/or concentration, with mental lapses in both the outfield or running the bases. These incidents are typically described as "Manny Moments" or "Manny Being Manny." The phrase "Manny Being Manny" has entered the lexicon of Boston sports fans. In fact, the phrase has been acknowledged and given most of its initial promotion by Ram?rez himself. It was coined on July 18, 2005, when Ram?rez disappeared into the "Green Monster" during a visit to the mound by pitching coach Dave Wallace with two outs in the top of the 6th inning. When pitcher Wade Miller was ready to resume pitching, Ram?rez was nowhere to be found. It is suggested he went to use the bathroom, but there are no toilet facilities inside the scoreboard area. Manny has returned to the wall several times since during pitching changes, but has always returned on time. Ram?rez has also been seen playing left field at Fenway with a water bottle in his back pocket and while wearing MP3-playing sunglasses.

      A true great. Who needs Ted Williams!

    • They cant deport him you @$$hole, hes a legal U.S. Citizen!

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      • Learn to read so you won't look like such a jackass. This has been covered. He is a naturalized citizen and as such CAN be stripped of his citizenship for a variety of offenses.
        That being said, it was hyperbole(look it up, I don't have time to educate you) said in jest.
        Doesn't change that he is a jerk, selfish, and worthless as a human being. If it weren't for baseball he would be in jail for a nuimber of offenses because thats who this guy is.
        Read the next post for follow up on what a "great guy" Manny is...

    • man that is just manny being manny!!!! the real question is did the old timer do his job and get manny his 16 tickets? if not maby the sox should fire his a@# and get a younger guy to do the job the right way!!!! manny ramirez for president!!!!! life would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • So you believe that Manny had a right to assault a 60 year old man because Manny waited until bp the day of the game and ask for 16 tickets to a road game? Seriously? Is that really the position you wanna take?
        What if it was your father or grandfather. Maybe we should just attacking anyone and everyone that doesn't do what we want? Anarchy!
        And Manny can't be president, he is only a naturalized citizen. He can be Mayor of Boston. Stop being a homer.

    • The traveling secratary said him and Manny are still friends! The Red Sox handled this internally as families do! Something you wouldn't know as a Reds fan! This is why the Sox won 2 of the last 3 years! Manny is THE MAN! Your just a HATER! I have fought with my cousins and brothers many times and still love them all! If the guy who got tossed still likes Manny then why are you concerned? 'Cause the Sox are # 1 and probably will be again this year and it bothers you!

    • u would think u would just take the sand out of ur vag and not be so worried about this situation but no u have to freak out about something that doesn't deal with u in anyway, u should probably just get a new tampon and settle down and watch some sex in the city

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      • Fianlly somone brings intelligence to the conversation! Seriously, dude. That may be the worst comment I have ever read. The uneducated always resort to insults in an effort to hide their inability to express themselves intelligently.
        This does effect us all. If yopur kid looks up to Manny and strikes a team mate,how can you tell him its wrong when Manny wasn't punished?
        Beyond that, it speaks to the growing trend of elite athletes living by their own set of rules. We as a society have begun reigning in movie stars and celebrities behavior(their punishments are now often MORE severe than those handed down to the average person because of the public message it sends) . We need to take these athletes off the pedestal and recognize them as they are: Human beings with flaws and foibl;es just like the rest of us an dhold them accountable for their transgressions.
        But, hey, you tried. Good for you! Dismissed.

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