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  • ryan w ryan w Jul 1, 2008 10:58 PM Flag

    Deport Manny! He is a criminal!

    I couldn't agree more! I am not a yankees fan either(Rangers) and I hate Manny too. Chacon just got released for something like that. I know Manny's incident was not as serious, but still, he deserves to be punish. The Rangers actually have some balls. They let go Ponson, who had a 4-1 record and sub 3.50 ERA, for getting drunk and and being disrespecting team rules. When are the red sox gonna step up and punish their players? manny has always and will always be an @$$ hole.

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    • I liked Manny until this. Attacking a senior citizen over baseball tickets is just too much.

    • Yup - just sheds light on the color of the organization.

    • Good point. Ponson wsa let go because he was "a distraction" and "devisive in the clubhouse". Even ESPN, who loves Boston, has discussed on First Take the fact that Manny's act has become old and is now a problem for the Sox.
      I will say again, I thought that, until this incident, the Sox were a class organization, I have thought so since 1975. I loved Jim Rice(who was not the best guy,either). They have sunk so low they are rumored to be considering Bonds! How far will they go to win?
      Their handling of Manny let it get to this. They are now no better than the Yankees. Go to ESPN and you will read I am in the majority, not the minority. Only Red Sox fans are defending this guy.
      Stop being homers. Its hurting your club. If the fans let the team know when something is right then the club will do whats right. The fans pay the bills with the ticket sales and merchandise.

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      • Your opinion is irrelevant and the bottom line is that we don't know everything that happened. Were there cameras videotaping the incident.

        Maybe Manny didn't push him, maybe he bumped him and he tripped. Maybe Manny punched him in the face. It doesn't matter. It is the Red Sox organizations business as to how to handle this and if the Travel Secretary decides that he's all right with it, let it be. Frankly, its' none of your business.

        As for Manny being a role model for children, is he a worse role model then the coke snorting players of the 80's, or the violent racist Ty Cobb, or the womanizing smoking Babe Ruth? Manny lends his name to charities all over the country.

        Get off your high horse.


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