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  • Chucktown00 Chucktown00 Jul 1, 2008 7:48 PM Flag

    Deport Manny! He is a criminal!

    sit at home touching urself to something on youtube
    the kid of guy who also plays world of warcraft

    You sure seem to know a lot about these things. But that is because you are a bulletin board bully. You sit on here and start arguments with people you don't know to make up for all that is missing in your life. Its sad really. What next, you gonna threaten to beat me up? Insult my family? Ewww, stop.
    What do you think is gonna happen? U gonna make someone cry or kill themselves? I think we know who is getting off and(here's a hint) it ain't me.
    Here's an idea, turn off the computer and apply that anger somwhere it will matter. The Army is hiring, or you could be a dog catcher. Try getting indignant about the economy or oil prices. The truth is not enough people are concerned in this country and thats why we are declining. You say all of these insulting things but add nothing to the conversation. Notice I don't refute any of them because its not even worth it. But you don't refute my points, just insult. I'll say it in smaller words one more time:people who choose to insult others for no reason do it because they are afraid others will see that they are lacking in some way. But thanks for the apology.
    Just find something positive.
    p.s. Manny didn't just yeall at a senior citizen, he threw him to the ground. Chacon was cut and Rogers got 20 days for the same thing. There is a double standard here. Prove me wrong.

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    • haha bulletin board bully u seem to have some serious issues of intelligence, u seem to want to prove like u have some. and u want to talk about insults how bout u read ur posts see if u haven't tried though some my way even though they show just how much of a tool u r and u seem to just want to come on here and make a point, a point which is unarguable even by anyone else on this page who continue u to tell u how stupid u really r so maybe u need to take a breather take to ur wife (or husband im not sure wat ur into) and really vent ur problems out to her or him. for someone on here complaining so much and insulting manny maybe again u should reflect on urself. and the reason i say all these things isn't cuz i feel small because lets face it ur kids r probably more man than u, i say these things to set morons like u in their place, ppl who r middle losers who sit on here and complain and complain to ppl in their 20's and early 30's, let me clue u in no one really cares about u old douchebags, i mean really all the time u spent online arguing with me could have been spend with ur kids, though im not sure they would want to spend time with u seeing as how u'll probably say their rolemodels r elderly beaters. heres a moral tip for u spend ur time with ur kids cuz the way its sounds u won't be on this earth long if u keep stressing urself out about little things.
      so again i leave u this message in love, maybe u can read (and reflect on ur judgemental self) and become a better man and father

    • The people they "threw" were upseT about it! The Sox are a family and little "spats" are not a big deal when you have chemistry! The Sox can have disageements and forget about it the next day! THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE WON 2 (COUNT - 2) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 4 YEARS! (SOON TO BE 3 IN 5!) bY THE WAY GO CELTICS!


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