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  • Chucktown00 Chucktown00 Jul 1, 2008 6:07 PM Flag

    Deport Manny! He is a criminal!

    Sure, shoving down 60 year old men is a hoot and a holler. R u nuts? What message are we sending to kids? Stop being a homer, dude. His act has grown tiured. This is his second assault of the year. He needs to be set down and if baseball had a real commissioner like football he would.
    You know if it was a Yankee you would want blood. Red Sox fans are the worst homers in baseball.
    Remember, Kenny Rogers got 20 games for shoving down a cmeraman.

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    • Actually, it got cut down to like 12 or 13 and in a pitcher's perspective that equals like 2 starts.

      Manny is awesome and traveling secretaries aren't.

      Go Red Sox.

      Yankees Suck.

      Go Pats.

      Jets/Giants/Colts Suck.

      Go B's

      Go Celts

      Go team go..


      Its just manny bein manny!


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