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  • Jason Gutierrez Jason Gutierrez Jun 30, 2008 9:25 AM Flag

    Josh Hamilton or Grady Sizemore

    Which of these 2 at this point has been performing better as far as my team is concerned. And therefore has a better fantasy value

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    • Josh has really slowed down as of late... I don't think he's worth a Grady Sizemore. Go with Grady, he's aLOT more seasoned. Josh may not slip into drugs again, but the damage has already been done. His body is trashed. Not saying he's not an allstar. Just saying he's not a PERENIAL allstar.

      Now as far as fantasy is concerned... I'd consider Josh a stud for the next 2 years or more. but he will always be a little risky. I'd rather have Sizemore.

    • I'd have to say it all depends on if Hamilton can stay healthy or not. If he's healthy he's the best OF in the league right now. He was good last year when he wasn't hurt. He's also on a very good offensive team with the likes of Kinsler, Bradley, DMurphy, and MYoung. He will still have lots of opportunities to drive in runs if he stays healthy. Grady will always be a great OF too; but the Indians haven't done too well this year mostly because their offense isn't that good.

    • the indians have performed poorly but grady has been solid Josh is starting to get in and out of the lineup due to injuries

    • sizemore is a great player, fantasy and otherwise, and will never disappoint an owner. but hamilton is having an zeusian-like year for the ages! i had him in '07, and he put up great #s, but this year he's unreal.

    • ARE YOU SERIOUS???? JOSH HAMILTON IS GOD!!! Keep him until he gets hurt or goes for 0 for 100 slump...only reason to get rid of Hamilton

    • I'm not too sure. Grady is guaranteed a 30-30 season if he stays healthy and possibly even a 40-40 campaign if everything goes right for him. But up until now John Hamilton has been the best hitter in the entire AL. The only thing that he has that grady does not is the fact that no one has seen him for an entire season and therefore might be skeptical whether he can continue his mashing of AL pitching. If its up to me I like Grady better, especially if Hafner and V Mart come back and play like they can and should be playing.

    • J..o...s...h.....HAMILTON!

      Grady hit a couple hr of late but this is no question


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