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    I am running currently 8th headed for the 9th spot by Monday morning, as you can see from the stats below my pitchers are just killing me and I don't want press the panic button yet but is there a legitimate trade I could use on any of my hitters WITHOUT sacrificing the good stats I have on hitting? I just want this team to nab one of the last remaining spots to get into the championship bracket. Your help would be appreciated! :)

    H2H Stats:

    R: 6-6-0
    HR: 4-4-4
    RBI: 8-4-0
    SB: 8-3-1
    AVG: 7-4-1

    W: 2-7-3
    SV: 5-6-1
    K: 3-8-1
    ERA: 3-9-0
    WHIP 4-8-0

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    • ur pitching needs the most help... wat u should do in H2H leagues is get the most amount of pitchers possible, with ur bench spots, which would help u win the strikeout category... basically drop/trade some of ur bench batters for bench sp and plug them in when they start...Good Luck!!!

    • You need big time pitching help. Trade Wright or Upton for a top notch starter, or 2 good starters, and move DeRosa into the vacant spot. You don't need Peralta or Olivo...doubtful that anyone will pick them up, so if you do eventually need them, you can add them later. Start streaming pitchers with good matchups. I would start by picking up Greg Smith against the Angels tomorrow, or Doug Davis against Milwaukee. You offense is fine, but you have some dead weight on your bench that nobody should own in the first place. Also, Victor Martinez would be a nice addition to stash away. Don't trade an OF (like some have advised), you don't have any depth behind your starters.

    • There are plenty of good pitchers on the waiver wire. You have WAY too many offensive players. These guys earn you no points in a given week on the bench. Besides, that you waste time playing a crap shoot trying to figure out who is going to get the stats.

      I say drop much of your offensive depth and get pitchers like Mcgowan, Buerhle, Soriano to name a few. Try and keep an eye on pitchers who are hot and ride the wave.

      Play the matchups. Your hitting will be fine if you stick to a pretty good framework. Your pitching is killing you.

      Just my $.02

    • what is your roster.. post it so we can help

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      • C- Ryan Doumit
        1B- Carlos Guillen
        2B- BJ Upton
        3B- David Wright
        SS- Jhonny Peralta
        OF- Josh Hamilton
        OF- Carl Crawford
        OF- Torii Hunter
        UT- Aramis Ramirez
        BN- Miguel Olivo (C)
        BN- Mark DeRosa (1B,2B,3B,OF)
        BN- Juan Pierre (OF)
        BN- Mike Jacobs (1B)
        DL- Rafael Furcal

        SP- Tim Linecum
        SP- Matt Cain
        RP- Scott Downs
        RP- Ryan Franklin
        P- Salomon Torres
        P- Vicente Padilla
        P- Braden Looper
        BN- Scot Shields


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