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  • dominique a dominique a Jun 29, 2008 11:13 PM Flag

    Granderson, Hunter or Rios...Who is the better pick up?

    Torii Hunter i don't even know if there is a question...he's the obvious choice and by a big margin.The detroit offense sucks badly this year btw.

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    • This was my EXACT starting OF in a Roto league. I promise you it was disgusting to have these 3. They sucked!!! luckily I picked up Hamilton and Quienten off waiver. I tried trading them and ultimately dropped all of them to waivers. They never dominated. I could not hold on for 2 months to wait for them. I am fine though with Hamilton, Quentin, Drew, Guillen (kc). I can say they may help a potent lineup, but they will not deliver you to the front.

      Granderson looks to have turned the corner.