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  • JAH JAH Jun 25, 2008 11:34 AM Flag

    Justin Upton OR Hunter Pence???

    No no no no no!!!!!!! Just because you have a lot of strike outs doesn't mean you don't have a good eye. What if you swing and miss at a ball right down the middle of the plate. Is that not having a good eye? Check out how many walks he is drawing. He is only 20 years old so he gets excited and misses a lot, but give him a couple of years and he is going to be better than his brother. Five tool players mean they can hit for avg, power, have speed, an arm, and are good defenders. Isn't that how everyone explains Upton? You don't get drafted #1 when you are 17 for nothing. Nothing against Pence. I think he is good but maybe a little over rated. The year he had last year will probably never happen again. He is a .280 batter with 25-30 hrs, 80-90 rbi's, and 20 steals. But that is on a good year. I think Upton will easily match those numbers, plus Upton is on a better team. And to wrap up I just wanted to say that Pence turns 26 next year. Everyone knows that 26 is the cursed year. It's a fact. Look at Alex Rios (26). Gotta go Upton.


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