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  • Paul Paul Jun 25, 2008 10:36 AM Flag

    Justin Upton OR Hunter Pence???

    im in a keeper league AND i have a dilemma on my hands as ive been offered the following trade:

    Hunter Pence


    Justin Upton (ME)

    idk what to do. Upton has been struggling mightily these last few months BUT in a keeper league, he's probably one of the brightest young talents for years to come. Also, he's ONLY 20 yrs old at the moment. To counter this point, Hunter Pence has been solid this season. He also is young, BUT he recently turned 25 yrs old a month or so ago. It doesn't sound fair in the future.

    What should I do?

    At the moment, my keepers stand as this:
    -Grady Sizemore
    -Felix Hernandez
    -Justin Upton (OR Hunter Pence)
    -Ichiro Suzuki
    -Derek Jeter
    -Victor Martinez
    -Fausto Carmona
    -Howie Kendrick

    Anyhow, thanks in advance...any help would be appreciated :)


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    • get rid of jeter and suzuki....but to answer your question, i'd rather have pence, he's been nothing but solid from day aside from a mini slump this season when he was switched around in the batting order, upton has never shown me much at the major league level. PENCE

    • Keep upton. More upside, less injury prone. Pence is solid, but is not going to be the star upton will be. Pence will be better this year though.

    • Id go with Pence....Hell at 25 hes prolly just starting to reach his potential...hes been solid this year but had a few rough patches as well and still has decent numbers all around...he should settle in and reach full speed soon.

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    • No no no no no!!!!!!! Just because you have a lot of strike outs doesn't mean you don't have a good eye. What if you swing and miss at a ball right down the middle of the plate. Is that not having a good eye? Check out how many walks he is drawing. He is only 20 years old so he gets excited and misses a lot, but give him a couple of years and he is going to be better than his brother. Five tool players mean they can hit for avg, power, have speed, an arm, and are good defenders. Isn't that how everyone explains Upton? You don't get drafted #1 when you are 17 for nothing. Nothing against Pence. I think he is good but maybe a little over rated. The year he had last year will probably never happen again. He is a .280 batter with 25-30 hrs, 80-90 rbi's, and 20 steals. But that is on a good year. I think Upton will easily match those numbers, plus Upton is on a better team. And to wrap up I just wanted to say that Pence turns 26 next year. Everyone knows that 26 is the cursed year. It's a fact. Look at Alex Rios (26). Gotta go Upton.

    • hunter pence cuz upton was scouted as a batter with an eye but he already has sixty to seventy somethin strike outs

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      • I mean bothe have tremendous upside but pence is more of an all around hitter than upton who is a real power hitter. the strike outs hurt him a lot more than pence though. I have both guys on my team and upton doesn't hit that many home runs consecutively and due to his bad at bats he sits. Pence hits a lot and gets alot of RBIs. Pence would be my pick

    • more help would be appreciated...

    • i like hunter


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