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  • RY33 RY33 Jun 11, 2008 6:38 PM Flag

    League commish is cheating

    I got in a public league a couple years ago and right after the draft there was a trade that involved one team getting a Cy Young pitcher, an MVP and 3 All Stars, picks 1-5 to another team for 5 guys named "Moe". Serious no talent bottom feeders. One guy out with a season ending injury. Not a one that I would have kept on my team. So someone took two teams. Luckily the commish nipped it but then the a-hole who took the two teams stopped running either of them because...why compete if you can't do it without cheating? So we had a HUGE dead spot in the league.

    You can get to contact Yahoo through help. If it's not a money league just contact everyone else and drop out of the league. If he wants to win let him play un-opposed. That will be fun.

    Next year run your own league and pick who you let in.

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