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  • Steve M Steve M Jun 5, 2008 8:23 PM Flag

    Sox/Rays Fight

    Bad Ass Fight? - Maybe for you Boston Homo's, Coco Crisps did NOT land anything,Spoken like a true Bosten fan...who dosent know shit about baseball. Let me guess, you've always been a Bosten fan, even when they were losing. Coco gets upset because a SS puts his knee down? James Shield would have mopped the floor with Coco's wet back. I wish he'd of got him in the face and knocked all his teeth out, I wish someone would have the balls to do it to Manny! Just James Shields being James Shields.

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    • While I'm not a Boston fan, I do kinda like Boston a bit, but Crisp is a total douchebag. Everyone knew he was going to be hit by the ball sometime during the game (for wat he did yesterday), and it was only a matter of time. You have to give Shields credit though, because he threw the ball at Crisp's leg instead of up near his arm or head. Just by that, there is NO reason to go charge the mound, Crisp should just stop being such a ***** and walk to first. Plus, if you are going to go to the mound, don't dodge the shot, and take it ***hole.

    • LMAO! Damn someone sounds like they need a nap. You are a complete douche and retard. Boston has some of the most, if not the most, knowledgeable, loyal, and die hard fan bases in sports. Watch a game when the Sox are in Baltimore, Tampa, Anahiem, Toronto, and there is more Sox fans than fans for the home team. Ever hear of something called Red Sox Nation??? Fenway is jam packed and sold out (MLB record by the way) every game no matter who they're playing. It is nearly impossible to get tickets to a game. The Red Sox have had just as much of a die hard following through 86 years of heartache without a championship. Do you want to make anymore ridiculous claims that couldn't be any further from the truth??? I'd be more than happy to prove your stupid ass even more wrong. Stop hating and get a life loser. Now if don't mind, I'm gonna watch BOSTON's Celtics in the Finals.


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