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  • mwong mwong Jun 3, 2008 2:49 PM Flag

    Need trade help (trouble at SS, 3B)

    Current roster:
    C - G. Soto
    1B - R. Howard
    2B - R. Weeks
    3B - A. Huff
    SS - J. Peralta
    OF - G. Sizemore
    OF - J. Bay
    OF - C. Quentin
    Util - J. Bruce
    OF - J. Ellsbury
    3B - E. Longoria
    OF - R. Ibanez
    OF - N. Markakis
    DL - T. Tulowitzki

    SP - D. Haren
    SP - C. Kershaw
    SP - E. Volquez
    SP - B. Webb
    DL - C. Young
    RP - J. Soria
    RP - G. Sherrill
    RP - R. Franklin

    As it so happens, both my very good replacements for Tulo (Barmes, Kepp) have landed on the DL. I'm in need of a SS. I am also in need of a 3B because Huff is a temp and Longoria still hasn't broken out yet. I have a surplus of OF's as well. In my 12man rot league I am near the bottom in rbi's, average, and saves. Everything else is fine. This trade was offered to me this morning:

    I give:
    OF Jason Bay

    I get:
    SS Derek Jeter
    RP Billy Wagner

    I was speculating on dropping Peralta and Ryan Franklin on receiving these two. Is this a good trade for me?

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