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    I'm in a 12 team H2H league:

    My team is running 11th in a tightly close race, I need some major help on what to do either trading players for who, adding people, dropping people. I want this team to be a contender when September rolls around, any ideas?

    Your help would be VERY appreciative :)

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    • the first thing to look at when monitoring your teams progress is balance... look at which stats you keep losing in, and that should give you a clue as to where you need help... right now im seeing SB 1-8-1, W 1-6-3, K 2-7-1

      Just by looking at your pitching staff I could tell that you were lacking in K's, as the only guy that can strike guys out is kershaw. I'm not a huge believer in Jesse Litsch to be honest, and I watch almost every Jays game. He's faced some weak lineups, and I think he is due for some corrections in his W's, and ERA.
      I would keep an eye on Micah Owings. I owned him this year, and when he's on his game, he is money, giving you 1K/inn, plenty of W's, along with about a 3.4 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP. However, if you look at last year's stats, he had one month where he had an ERA of over 9, which would kill your fantasy team for that month. That has been the case this year as well, as none of his bad outings have been isolated: 2 bad outings ended April going into May, and 3 bad outings ended May going into June. Once Owings strings a couple of good starts together, he will be a stud.

      If you want a quick improvement in W's with K potential, look to two Boston starters, Masterson and Colon, who will definitely get wins with Boston's good bullpen, and great lineup. If you want to try a sleeper, you could add Kuroda, who just K'd 11 in his last start, and LA has a very good lineup and bullpen as well, so there is W potential there.

      I would have suggested Taveras to help you with SBs, but your team seems decent in that category already, with Pierre, Rollins and Markakis, so I don't think you need a SB specialist. An all-round player that steals some bases would probably do you some good, replacing david murphy's fluke month of May (I doubt that he's a keeper). I would take a look at Lastings Milledge, he's on a 6-game hitting streak and has 25-SB potential, but he has been underperforming this year i think. If he starts hitting, which he should soon, he is a very good all-round player so he will contribute in all categories, including a 20-25 SB pace, making him well worth the add if you think that he has found his stroke. If you don't care about BA, Mike Cameron would be a good fit as well, with his 20-20 potential. And Delmon Young will be a better version of Milledge if he turns it around, but he has shown no signs of breaking out of his slump.

      I hope that helps. Good luck. Your league is very competitive so FA additions can be a bit difficult.

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      • sry i play roto, and I wasn't sure about strategy, but the only way to get K's and W's while keeping your ERA and WHIP down is to load up on SPs from the FA pool that are hot, while keeping your RPs. Trading for a stud starter will be counterproductive, because their W's and K's will have 0 support on your staff, since you play so many RPs, and have no big name SPs. I still think getting an all-round player to replace murphy is a good idea though, because your offense is already fairly solid in most areas (you don't wanna compromise your HR's and RBI's for SB's with taveras).

    • OK, is there any other suggestions on what I should do?

    • Keep them coming, the more opinions the better I can get back into this.

    • You play in a shitty league. But why have all those closers? I am sure that 5 saves will win you most weeks. I bet there is weeks you have like 10. You are getting swallowed up on the OBP and steals too I bet. Good players dont always win H2H you have to see where you are lacking and pick up someone to help. Get rid of those relievers damn trade their ass.

    • The problem is your pitching.... your in a bit of a conundrum. Your starting pitching is not good. But you have some real solid middle men and closers. The problem to me is that despite your bad starting pitching you are attempting to be good at all pitching categories and its causing you to shoot yourself in the foot.

      You only have 5 pitching categories W, Ks, ERA, WHIP and SVs.

      W and K are for starters and no surprise you lose more often than not.

      You do very well in SVs but you are in the middle of the pack in WHIP and ERA... WHY? Because of your crappy starters and a few avg releivers. Personnally, I would try and become lights out in SVs, WHIP and ERA. How would I do that...Run with 5 pitchers - Rivieria, Marmol, Percival Valarde and Wilson. If you only played them you lose in W and K (but u already are) but your WHIP and ERA would skyrocket.

      But what to do with tradeable guys like Litsh, Danks and Colon -Trade them trade in a package with you position players to upgrade areas of need and get better overall position players.

      If you can do that your hitting categories will all improve making you competitve in all of those catgories and you should be lights out in 3 of the 5 pitching categories.

      FYI I would drop kershaw and rasner asap if you can trade tehm they are killing your numbers.

    • You could use some starting pitching

    • You're not putting active players on your day-to-day roster.

      Example ... today you have Brian Wilson (closer) on the bench along with Clayton Kershaw (flagged as a starter for today).

      Your closers shouldn't really ever sit. You've got 5 possible spots to play them (RP, RP, P, P, P) and still have 2 SP slots for starters, so, again ... unless you've got 3 starters going, they should be in the lineup every day.

      Similarly, if you have to have Kershaw on the roster at all ... why is he on the bench -today-?

      Going back a couple weeks to when Jimmy Rollins was injured, I don't see another shortstop rostered, so were you spotting your competition an extra batter?

      You're only a couple games out of the championship playoff bracket (top 6) ... manage your team.

      You also have a lot of 4th and 5th starter types pitching for you. This is a small league, there's still plenty of usable depth in the free agent pool. Maybe ask yourself, 'Is this guy even the best pitcher on his team?' before having him blow up your ERA and WHIP for 3 strikeouts and a loss.

      Look to improve your least valuable 2-3 starters through free agency ... look to upgrade Morneau and Pena through trade.

    • Ok first off you don't need a relief pitcher in Marmol since you have some good closers plus Percival is coming back meaning drop Marmol for Mussina and drop rasner for Garrett Olson or Homer Bailey (Did good against a ace like Hamels). Next get your waiver position on Rowand and drop Votto for him. I would also waive Kendrick (Looks like he is not 100% based on his performance lately) for Polanco who is heating up and can give you Run/Aver. Now looking at it I would also probably waive Danks (Maybe Kershaw since he isn't ready for the bigs yet) and pick up Scott Olsen. You know what waive Kershaw and get Galarraga... He will start for the rest of the season guarenteed with Bonderman gone for the season plus D-Train sucks as well. You also got Masterson who I personally like better than Colon. Come on dude work with what you got so you can win... Forget names because people like Quentin, ludwick, Ellsbury, Church (He was a steal regardless of DL stint), Volquez, exc. In order to win you have to take chances. Make these moves I told you and you should be good to go. Just don't hesitate like you did with not picking up Pierzynski because other dudes in your league won't.

      Ghost Rider

    • Any other suggestions?

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