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  • CamB CamB May 28, 2008 2:50 PM Flag


    Here's my team does any one have a good 3rdbaseman or Catcher
    C - D Navaroo
    1B - K Youkilis
    2B - I Kinsler
    3B - M DeRosa
    SS - C Guzman
    OF - J Upton, M Ramirez, M Bradley, C Gomez
    UTIL - J Votto, K Kouzmanoff
    BN - R Weeks,Y Molina
    DL - V Wells, T Tulowitski

    SP - J Shields, J Litsch
    RP - G Sherrill, J Rauch
    P- T Hoffman, E Volquez, J Lackey,
    BN - (switched to SP if starting)J Jurrjens, C Kershaw, J Garland, J Contreras
    I'm currently 8th and in a 12 team h2h league. MY first 2 draft picks i traded like an idiot so just rate my team now 1-10. 10 is best 1 is worst

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    • OK, you give me tired head. Go forth, you're on your own.

    • so like Weeks and Kouzmanoff and DeRosa for Aramis and Figgins and Perzynski (or A Huff) :) :) :)

    • Again, just because you like it, doesn't mean he'll take the offer. If he gets three players for one, he needs to release two others, so what's the big whoop? DeRosa is only good because he's a multi position guy and really only useful as a full time 2B. Kouzmanoff is a cast off, I dumped him the day I got my roster. Weeks earns his name and is only good as a second tier 2B. So, you're offering up three mediocre guys for one star. Would you take that trade if it were reversed?
      Here's how you do it....shhhhhh.....don't tell anyone though. Offer your three for Aramis and two of his worst players who you know he'd like to trade off. In this way, he may feel like he's screwing you.

    • he needs weeks but he's not that great so i can trade him but upton and Gomez are good enough to let him climb so not those but DeRosa is good to give away if i get a 3B since he's my starter so I can trade Weeks, DeRosa and Kouzmanoff so who do u think i can Aramis with him. It will help me more than him, so im thinkin of goin to another 3B

    • Your question is not that simple, or it shouldn't be. Before I make a trade, I consider, "will this trade help him more than it will me?". You need to trade with someone who won't pass you in the standings. Go find someone who has about given up and offer him quantity for quality. The only problem is, in a 2 for 3 deal, that means he's just going to have to drop someone so it's really a 3 for 3.
      Figure out where you're strong and dump someone who doesn't hurt you, but helps them. Or, stock up on pitchers now, run up your innings, get a lead, then dump one of your stars to someone else who needs pitching.
      Winning these things doesn't just happen with luck, you've got to have a strategy.

    • can u suggest one he needs a 2B and an OF so can u help me PLZ (it tat one his win or mine)

    • Now you're just being ridiculous. You can throw out one dumb offer, but he turns it down without countering, he's not an idiot. You just can't keep making dumber offers.

    • then i pick up Luis Castillio or Keppinger

    • any suggestions on 2 for one and 3 for one
      in OF he has Rios Nady Victorino and Carlos Lee so maybe Hanley or Armais(easier to get) for DeRosa and Upton (or Bradley) and Weeks<since Figgins done>

    • Sure, if you give up enough

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