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  • brlebu brlebu May 15, 2008 11:52 AM Flag

    Manny's High Five

    How in the world does this clown get away with doing something that any other player would get the "bush league" tag for?

    The headline for yesterday's O's/Sox game reads "Manny's snag, high five steal O's thunder" and there's a link to the video next to the title. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the O's won that game 6-3 behind Jay Payton's grand slam off the untouchable Hideki Okajima. And I seem to remember that the O's won the first game of the two game series as well. So how on earth did Manny Ramirez steal the O's thunder?

    Then there's a headline on MLB.com that says "Manny makes another memorable play." Another? Another?!? I can't remember Manny ever making a memorable play.

    Can you imagine the backlash from all of Major League Baseball if someone like... Man... I can't think of anyone else in the game who would even think of doing something so bush.

    Well... I guess I should have expected this kind of hype from a bush league play by Manny. ESPN and MLB.com don't really have anything good to say about the Red Sox, who have lost six of their last eight games. At least Sox fans got to see something they might have enjoyed from their team in the two game set against the O's.

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