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  • Ted U Ted U May 14, 2008 10:12 AM Flag

    pick a trade side and why?

    team A
    BJ upton Ryan Braun Curtis Granderson Chris Young(pitcher)

    team B
    Dan Uggla Mark Teixiera Ichiro Suzuki Ervin Santana

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    • Team A and its not even close. only person team B wins on is ichiro over granderson. santana is legit and will pitch equal to young.

    • upton way over uggla. braun is at 3B and is at least as good as Teixiera. a bit for braun, but close. Granderson and Ichiro are equal. Santana has been outpitching Young and i see little reason this can't continue. Weigh Young's injury history and lack of run support versus Santana's lack of track record, but his youth and excellent team. Team A....easy. If you had taken the upton/uggla part out of the equation....too close to call without knowing more about team needs.

    • I think team a has the better players. Upton will be a stud and should contend with Uggla's numbers. With braun being 3rd and outfield eligible, that moves him ahead of Tex, because 1st base is deeper than 3rd. Depending on what you are looking for in the outfield, Granderson is a better all around stat guy than Ichiro, but Averagewise and stealing bases will be in favor of Ichiro. As for the pitchers, Chris Young pitches in the NL and is just flat out better. After typing this I would say that Team A is by far the better of the two in this trade.

    • I got Team A somewhat easily. Upton over Uggla by a good amount, Braun over Teixera, even tho they play different positions. Granderson and Ichiro is close, even if u give the edge to ichiro, i still take team A. Young will likely b better than santana in the long run


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