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  • Donal B Donal B May 3, 2008 2:04 AM Flag

    I kno my stuff so ask me ANYTHING

    ask me anything u want. trades/sit start/ who to keep whatever u want and ill give u the best damn answer u are looking for

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    • I was offered Ichiro for Kemp and McClouth

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      • i have a great line up and Excellent Closers i need help in SP


        SP. hudson/dice-k/jurjeins/danks
        RP saito/pappelbon/jenks/fuentes/broxton/soriano

        i wanna offer martinez and purell for johan is it a good deal for me?

        i want couple of good SP for martinez burell and a closer. what can i get for them. what u think of my team? thanx. im first place

      • thats a tough deal. id say stick with ichrio just because you know what your going to get with him. Kemp is going to be platooning all year in that dodgers outfield. kemp has the potenial to be a 30/30 player but i dont see it happening this year with the amount of time he'll b splitting. i like mclouth but i like ichiro more then both of them. hope i helped

    • I offer MAtsui and beltre for David Wright

    • I offered Garret Atkins for CC Sabathia

      was this fair or not?

    • Also, in the same league I have Gallardo and Hill who i am thinking of dropping.

      Here are some pitchers who are available: Pick 2
      Randy Johnson
      Scott Baker
      Dana Eveland
      John Lannan
      Tim Redding
      John Danks
      Manny Parra
      Shawn Chacon
      Jonathan Sanchez

      Right now I am leaning toward Sanchez and Eveland and also Chacon because his next matchup is vs the Nationals at home.

      thanks again for your help

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      • well right now ya def gotta drop gollardo because hes done for the year. i took like sanchez out of these guys. when he;s on the guy is unhittable. he's already had a 10K game to his credit this year so i do like him. he is pitching for a bad team tho in the giants so just look out that he will have trouble getting the W.

        idk whats wrong with the hill but he still has potential to be a good pitcher he just has not shown it yet. if your gonna drop him id probably go with Chacon or Para. Chacon against the nats is a good matchup and para pitches for a good team in the brewers. ur choice between the two

    • Who wins this trade? Pat Burrell for Carlos Beltran

    • I'm in a 14person H2H league, so talent is spread pretty thin. Not many people have good pitching. Here are the 3 best pitching staffs in our league. Rank them from best to worst please.

      Team A:
      J. Santana
      T. Hudson
      S. Marcum
      J. Smoltz
      T. Glavine
      T. Saito
      H. Street

      Team B:
      C. Hamels
      R. Oswalt
      Z. Greinke
      F. Carmona
      A. Wainwright
      J. Soria
      JJ Putz
      G. Sherrill
      M. Scherzer

      Team C:
      C. Zambrano
      B. Penny
      E. Volquez
      E. Santana
      M. Owings
      B. Wagner
      B. Lyon
      T. Jones
      K. Wood

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      • Im in a 20 person Dynasty and my Staff trumps all of those.

        King Felix
        Ian Snell
        Josh Beckett
        Oliver Perez
        Greg Smith
        Armondo Galarraga
        Todd Wellemeyer
        Gio Gonzalez
        Chris Ray

      • Well i think the best pitching is team B but team A is real close. I like team B because Hamels, Wainwright, Carmona, Oswalt is a very good staff even if Oswalt and Carmona arent doing very well. Scherzer has the potential to be a stud and if he is this pitching is that much better. plus i love the cloers. I like Santana, Hudson and marcum but now that smoltz is closing A could use another starter. good closers tho.

        i rank C last because im not sold yet on Micah or Ervin. Micah had a rough outing tonight and is having ankel problems. Ervin was so bad last year that i find it hard to believe that he's turned the corner so quickley in just one year. plus other then wagner i think they r some iffy closers. lyon has been looking good latley tho.

        so id say B. A C

        hope that helps

    • an opinion...I've been offered Putz and Papebon for G. Atkins and A. Soriano. I have in OF: Carl Crawford, Matsui, Bay, Hamilton, V. Wells and Del Young...I haven't been able to make myself drop any...and have Pujols on 1st. I have Isringhausen, BJ Ryan and Fuentes as RPs. I think I should go with it. Any opinion?

    • I would like an opinion on where you think I could improve my team. I am in a 10 team roto with the usual catagories.

      C - Bengie Molina
      1b - Hafner
      2b - Kinsler
      ss - Aybar
      3b - Mike Lowell
      CI - Youkillis
      MI - K. Matzui
      OF- Sizemore
      OF - C. Lee
      OF - Abreu
      Utl - Thome
      bn- Bill hall
      bn - Freddy sanchez
      dl - J. rollins

      SP - Wang, Dice-k, Hudson, Bedard, Lincecum, Johnathan Sanchez

      RP - Wagner, Cj Wilsom, Matt Capps, Fuentes.

      My offense is kinda sputtering atm but my pitching is rocking, looking for maybe some MI help till jimmy comes back, whenever that will be.

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      • i really like the pitching as well. you for four really solid starters and sanchez who is looking to be quite the surprise i think that your the ttwo places you could use improvement is with lowell/youkilis. not to high on lowell. maybe you could try n package one of your starters into a deal and try and improve one of the weak area's in the lineup. you will b getting rollins back tho so that should be a def boost

    • I need answers and I need 'em now. You're our last hope, Answer Man.

      Why, oh why, are we baseball fans subjected to the mind-numbing drivel of Joe Morgan throughout the year and far worse, the verbal brain cramps of flippin' Tim Mc*#&!Carver in the post-season???

      Please make the bad men stop, mommy! Pleeeeeeeezzze !!!

    • Just got offered:

      Jose Reyes
      Dustin McGowan


      Carlos Lee
      Francisco Cordero

      Right now I have Escobar at SS, but I gotta grab Reyes if I can, right? Here's the rest of my team. 12 team H2H, R, H, HR, RBI, SB, OPS, W, K, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP are the categories


      SP-F Hernandez
      RP-F Cordero
      RP-M Rivera
      P-Franklin (Holds)

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