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  • Donal B Donal B May 3, 2008 2:04 AM Flag

    I kno my stuff so ask me ANYTHING

    ask me anything u want. trades/sit start/ who to keep whatever u want and ill give u the best damn answer u are looking for

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    • check this out... i'm in last place (12 team standard h2h), and can't figure out what to do... through trades etc i feel like i have an allstart team but something isnt right... any tips would be much appreciated...

      C Posada
      1b Pujols
      2b Pedroia
      3b A. Rameriez
      SS Rollins
      OF Magglio Ordonez
      OF Vlad Guerrero
      OF Crawford
      Util Miggy Cabrera
      B Matt Kemp
      B Howie Kendrick

      SPs: Felix Hernandez, Billingsly, Hamels, Harden, Looper, Liranio, A. Galarraga
      RPs: Street, Wilson, Ryan

      so what do all y'all think?

    • is this a fair trade?

      Team A:

      Conor Jackson
      Derek Jeter

      Team B:

      Magglio Ord??ez

    • What do u think of my team and any trades that would benefit me? Also Anything thats hurting me?
      C-G Soto
      1B-P Fielder
      2B-B Phillips
      3B-C Jones
      SS-R Theriot
      OF-K Fukudome/X Nady/A Dunn
      Util-C Pena
      BN-N Swisher
      SP-B Webb/C-M Wang/C Young/R Halladay/M Scherzer/ A Cook
      RP-K Wood/J Soria/G Sherrill/BJ Ryan/J "Izzy"/S Downs(for DL Izzy)

    • I have C.Jackson as my 1b should I pick up Jacobs or stand pat would need to drop OF if I pick him up. OF-Rios,Markakis,Quentin,Nady,Werth

    • hey im a rookie at this but im currently in second in a 6 team h2h...i have a-rod on the dl and hes supposed to come back this tuesday so i was looking to do a 2 for 1 trade because i got aramis ramierez to replace him and i need a strong OFer....i was kind of thinking a-ram and x.nady for someone but whom? thanks

    • hey can you rate my team and see where i need help
      C Geovany Soto
      1B Albert Pujols
      2B Brian Roberts
      3B Miguel Cabrera
      SS Miguel Tejada
      OF Carlos G?mez
      OF Carlos Quentin
      OF Magglio Ord??ez
      Util Ryan Ludwick
      BN Casey Kotchman
      BN Pat Burrell
      DL Chone Figgins

      SP Zack Greinke
      SP Josh Beckett
      RP Jos? Valverde
      RP Joe Nathan
      P Cliff Lee
      P Shaun Marcum
      BN Tim Hudson
      BN Brandon Lyon
      BN George Sherrill

    • trying to trade for another closer...any thoughts of possible trades based on my team:

      c. brian mccann
      1b. adrian gonzalez
      2b. chase utley
      3b. ryan braun
      ss. jose reyes
      of. nick markakis
      of. pat burrell
      of. torii hunter
      util. chris young
      util. james loney
      bnch. cory hart
      bnch. robinson cano
      bnch. stephen drew
      bnch. juan pierre

      sp. brandon webb
      sp. carlos zambrano
      sp. fausto carmona
      sp. javier vazquez
      sp. ryan dempster
      sp. justin verlander
      sp. brian bannister
      rp. kevin gregg
      rp. billy wagner
      rp. ryan franklin
      rp. scot schields
      dl. jason isringhausen

    • I got offered Carlos Guill?n for my Brian Roberts.

      I am just wondering, is this a good offer.

      I am a newbie, and not really familiar with all of this, but, to me, (and i could be wrong) it looks like a fair trade. Similiar numbers across the board, except Roberts has way more stolen bases.....

      Can someone offer me their advise, so I dont get robbed?

      Thanks for reading, and for the advise!!!

    • i am looking to pick up another closer and possibly another sp..im lookin to trade with someone loaded on pitching staff...any opinions

      my lineup: mccann, adrian gonz, utley, reyes, braun, burrell, t hunter, markakis, c young, james loney, c hart, r cano, j. pierre, s drew
      pitching: webb, zambrano, carmona, j vazquez, r. dempster, bannister, isringhausen, gregg, wagner, r. franklin, s. shields

      person who i want to trade with's lineup:
      martinez, youk, phillips, tejada, zimmerman, bay, sizemore, abreu, hideki matusi, damon, victorino, melky cabrera, de rosa

      pitching: j. santana, peavy, greinke, john maine, a. galaragga, paplebon, putz, sherill, soria, c.j. wilson, erv. santana, tony pena

    • HELP!!!!! The trade is this:

      I give: Brandon Phillips and Miguel Tejada

      I get: Jimmy Rollins and Tim Linecum

      I have Brian Roberts for 2nd and Theriot for SS (and 2nd) until Rollins comes of the DL?

      My starting pitchers are average: Kazmir, Jerrgens, Marcum, Sanchez

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