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  • Donal B Donal B May 3, 2008 2:49 AM Flag

    I kno my stuff so ask me ANYTHING

    Well i think the best pitching is team B but team A is real close. I like team B because Hamels, Wainwright, Carmona, Oswalt is a very good staff even if Oswalt and Carmona arent doing very well. Scherzer has the potential to be a stud and if he is this pitching is that much better. plus i love the cloers. I like Santana, Hudson and marcum but now that smoltz is closing A could use another starter. good closers tho.

    i rank C last because im not sold yet on Micah or Ervin. Micah had a rough outing tonight and is having ankel problems. Ervin was so bad last year that i find it hard to believe that he's turned the corner so quickley in just one year. plus other then wagner i think they r some iffy closers. lyon has been looking good latley tho.

    so id say B. A C

    hope that helps

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    • Thanks. Coincendentally, Team B was my staff. I had Hoffman and traded him for Wainwright early in the season, and then I also traded R. Ankiel to get Oswalt. Since not many people in the league have good pitching, I'm trying to consistently win most to all of the pitching categories. My hitting can be a bit inconsistent at times, and there are some really good hitting teams in the league and a lot of times they will bury me in most of the hitting categories. I think my pitching should be able to carry me though. Team A's era this week is 1.19 with a K/9 of 10.09 after having Hudson through that CG shutout.

    • i have a great line up and Excellent Closers i need help in SP


      SP. hudson/dice-k/jurjeins/danks
      RP saito/pappelbon/jenks/fuentes/broxton/soriano

      i wanna offer martinez and purell for johan is it a good deal for me?

      i want couple of good SP for martinez burell and a closer. what can i get for them. what u think of my team? thanx. im first place


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