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  • Cameron S. Cameron S. May 3, 2008 2:07 AM Flag

    I kno my stuff so ask me ANYTHING

    I was offered Ichiro for Kemp and McClouth

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    • thats a tough deal. id say stick with ichrio just because you know what your going to get with him. Kemp is going to be platooning all year in that dodgers outfield. kemp has the potenial to be a 30/30 player but i dont see it happening this year with the amount of time he'll b splitting. i like mclouth but i like ichiro more then both of them. hope i helped

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      • Well you dont know everything, because if this guy is in a keeper league i would hop all over this deal. Lets see Kemp and McClouth are younger. McClouth has already hit as many HR as ichiro will for the whole year and will steal 30 bags, which is only gonna be like 5-10 fewer than ichiro. Bonus prize: youre getting Kemp too who could easily hit 20 HR and steal 10 bags this year, and in a couple years will be a fantasy monster. If youre in a keeper or dynasty this a no brainer. If youre in a one year league I'd prolly still do it, just because your not losing that much SB and gaining a lot more HR. Do this trade.

      • sorry i phrased the question poorly and u misunderstrood.

        I am the one getting ichiro in the trade. and giving kemp and mcclouth

    • i have a great line up and Excellent Closers i need help in SP


      SP. hudson/dice-k/jurjeins/danks
      RP saito/pappelbon/jenks/fuentes/broxton/soriano

      i wanna offer martinez and purell for johan is it a good deal for me?

      i want couple of good SP for martinez burell and a closer. what can i get for them. what u think of my team? thanx. im first place

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      • First off you do have a great lineup and u should def trade martinez and burrell for johan if the owner is interested. even with the loss of Burrell your lineup is still solid from top to bottom and ur pitching would be that much better with arguably the best pitcher in the game on it.

        also you got alot of closers and if soriano is rafeal soriano he wont be closing once smoltz takes the job over. but i would def try n trade one of them for a quailty starter. i personally love tim lincecum. even tho he pitches for the giants hes an awsome pitcher who is only getting better. look at the lincecum owners team, c if he needs a closer and try n give him jenks or fuentes.

        def do the johan deal tho. no point in havin 2 great catchers so try n trade one for a top of the line SP.


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