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  • jason c jason c Apr 18, 2008 7:19 PM Flag

    watcha think of this lineup?

    just made a few trades, and i'm waiting on some health issues so i can address the closer need i have. 12 team H2H 5x5
    C-Jason Kendall
    1B-Ryan Howard
    2B-Jeff Kent(another issue)
    3B-Miguel Cabrera
    SS-Jimmy Rollins
    OF-Ryan Braun,Alfonso Soriano,Alex Rios
    UT-Travis Hafner
    BN-Matt Kemp
    SP-Eric Bedard,Aaron Harang,Justin VerlanderGreg Maddux,Joe Saunders,Shaun Marcum,Yovani Gallardo
    RP-Matt Capps,Manuel Corpas,Rafael Betancourt

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    • ok, i apologize for getting personal, you're right it was uncalled for, but i knew it was one thing that would end the name calling(i've always been the type to try and end things quickly, go big or go home, ya know?)
      and as for the title of my thread, i've seen TONS of post with the classic "rate my team" title go hours without a single reply, thought a different title might be a good way to get some.
      BTW...it really isn't bs...i had an abundance of pitching and made the right offers to the right people i think
      one trade i made that i forgot about....before the season even started i traded kelly johnson and tro tulowitzki for figgins and verlander

    • lol, there is a difference buddy between my comment and yours. was i being a jerk yes but i have a lil reason to be upset after a comment like yours. i can take someone being a jerk but when someone says "die in a fire screaming in front of your family" that is beyond being a jerk. that is getting personal. if you can't notice the difference, well then i feel sorry for you. as for your title. i think people would of answered your questioned regardless. it just depends on the time you post.

    • ok maybe the die in a fire comment was a little over the top, but if (as you say)i can't take a little verbal abuse, well looks like you can't either,
      secondly, the reason i titled the thread the way i did was to make it a little different than the hundreds of "rate my team please" threads i've seen in the past week alone


    • did you already trade players? there's no way you could of got these players

    • cabrera, rollins, howard in a 12 team league. thats big time bs!!

      • 1 Reply to Matt
      • it's not bs, it's trades(with a little help from stupid owners)these are the trades i've made:
        Chris Young(sp) and Hunter Pence for Miguel Cabrera
        Ben Sheets,Bill Hall and Chone Figgins for Ryan Braun and Alfonso Soriano
        and the best of all (which was a counter-offer by the way)
        Kevin Youkilis and Kerry Wood for Alex Rios
        if i knew how to send a link to my league i would so you could see for yourself

    • No offense it's a great lineup but your league is a joke. 3 first rounders? and 3 second rounders?


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