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  • B-Dog B-Dog Apr 16, 2008 1:26 PM Flag

    Answering Any Questions

    I need some advice on my infield, at what point to I drop someone. I have David Ortiz, who might finally be turning it around, which means I can get him off the bench. I also have Lowell out on the DL and there don't seem to be any good 3rd basemen to fill in while he is out. I've been using my utilities. I had to pick up a 1st baseman while Ortiz was on the bench. I would also like to pick up Kenji Johjima, but can't do it too early...when is the right time.

    Here is my lineup, what do I do?

    C MIke Napoli (picked him up because I needed some hitting)
    1B Casey Kotchman (Mark Teixeira is in a slump too)
    2B Jose Lopez (hitting now, so moved BJ Upton to the OF)
    3B Yunel Escobar (can do 2,3,SS...Mike Lowell on the DL)
    SS Edgar Renteria
    OF Sheffield
    OF BJ Upton
    OF Ellsbury (when he's playing)
    Util BJ Upton (in OF sometimes instead of Ellsbury...trouble with this spot too many hitters on my team that aren't hitting)
    BN Inge
    BN Mark Teixeira
    BN Ortiz
    BN Adam Dunn
    DL Lowell

    SP Gil Meche
    SP Tim Hudson
    RP Brad Lidge
    RP C.J. Wilson
    P Derek Lowe
    P Carlos Marmol
    P Carlos Zambrano
    BN CC Sabathia (should I put him in tonight....his stats are dragging down my pitching staff)

    I move my fielders around a lot...is this bad???

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    • You don't look too bad. Napoli is a great catcher. Kotchman is in one heck of a batting spot int hat Angels line-up. He bats after Hunter, Guerrero, and Anderson... that's some very good RBI potential, the fact you have Teixeira is just a cherry on top. 2B will need an improvement. Lopez should see alot more runs batting in the 2 spot... but he just has not been a consistent fantasy value player. Considering Upton is your 2B you have no issue there. 3B is your only weak spot. I would try to market Inge(Leyland said he's not gonna be playing much when Granderson returns... and Granderson took BP and said he had no pain), you could also try to market Kotchman, Teixeira should produce a lot more than Kotchman, and with Kotchman's terrific start now is an ideal time to move him. Realistically, you'll get Kouzmanoff, Blalock, Gordon, Glaus(which aren't really that thrilling considering you have Lowell)... though right now you might be able to get Aramis Ramirez or Atkins. Let me know how it turns out.

    • It's rotisserie with 12 teams


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