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  • dan c dan c Apr 14, 2008 3:12 PM Flag

    is anybodys team better than this?

    im in a 12 team league with legit competitive players...is anybodys team better than this...i think not

    C: Soto
    1B: Loney
    2B: Utley
    3B: Atkins
    SS: Peralta
    OF: Vlad
    OF: Sheff
    OF: Wells
    Util: Konerko

    Pitchers: Bedard, Hamels, Halladay, Pettite, Chein Ming Wang, Jon Lester, Zito, Randy Johnson, Ubaldo Jimnez, Buehrle, Kuroda, Rafeal Soriano, and Corpas.

    Perfect Balance...whos team can top that?

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    • C: Soto; like him
      1B: Loney; slow start w a lot of upside
      2B: Utley; top of his game
      3B: Atkins; so far so good
      SS: Peralta; marginal
      OF: Vlad; should heat up soon
      OF: Sheff; done
      OF: Wells; injured and overrated
      Util: Konerko; wouldn't pick him up on waivers

      Pitchers: Bedard(stud), Hamels, Halladay(don't trust him), Pettite(old), Chein Ming Wang(20 wins no strike outs), Jon Lester(maybe get some wins but not much else), Zito(weak), Randy Johnson(ancient), Ubaldo Jimnez, Buehrle, Kuroda, Rafeal Soriano(setup man?), and Corpas(sucks).

      Lacking saves and speed your not going to get very far,

    • what a dipshit

    • My team is easily better. Also in a 12 team league. Especially when Wells and Smoltz are healthy.

      C V?ctor Mart?nez
      1B Lance Berkman
      2B Chase Utley
      3B Miguel Cabrera
      SS Yunel Escobar
      OF Justin Upton
      OF Hunter Pence
      OF Melky Cabrera
      Util Mike Lowell
      BN 1B/OF Billy Butler
      BN OF Vernon Wells
      BN SS ?dgar Renter?a

      SP Cole Hamels
      SP Ben Sheets
      RP George Sherrill
      RP Kerry Wood
      P C.J. Wilson
      P Johnny Cueto
      P Justin Verlander
      P Tim Hudson
      P Jeremy Bonderman
      DL John Smoltz

    • That team is very avg. This is a good team...
      varitek. Sabathia
      jackson. Verlander
      utley. C. Lee
      cabrera. T Hudson
      reyes. E santana
      abreu. Mussina
      burrell. Pettite
      Griffey jr. Carpenter
      c. Patterson. K-rod
      DL E. Chavez. Valverde
      12 team league...

    • I'll take on your first place team...
      C V?ctor Mart?nez (Cle - C,1B)
      1B Derrek Lee (ChC - 1B)
      2B B.J. Upton (TB - 2B,OF)
      3B Aubrey Huff (Bal - 1B,3B)
      SS Ryan Theriot (ChC - 2B,SS)
      OF Josh Hamilton (Tex - OF)
      OF Nate McLouth (Pit - OF)
      OF Carlos G?mez (Min - OF)
      Util Pat Burrell (Phi - OF)
      SP Zack Greinke (KC - SP,RP)
      SP Micah Owings (Ari - SP)
      RP B.J. Ryan (Tor - RP)
      RP Bobby Jenks (CWS - RP)
      P Kerry Wood (ChC - RP)
      P Edinson V?lquez (Cin - SP)
      P Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)
      BN Brian McCann (Atl - C)
      BN Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos - OF)
      BN Jay Bruce (Cin - OF) NA
      DL ?lex Rodr?guez (NYY - 3B) DL
      BN Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)
      BN Cliff Lee (Cle - SP)

    • public league 50553 Roto league

      preseason i trade miguel cabrerra, lackey and k-rod for A-rod, Hudson, and elsbury

      one month in i trade oswalt for ichiro

      just now i trade jeter, hudson and mariano rivera for Hanley Ramirez

      Now my lineup is
      C-Bako, 1b-Helton, 2b-Utley, SS-Hanley Ramirez, 3b-Arod, Cantu for now though until arod comes back OF-Manny, Ichiro, and Elsbury, Util-Ryan Church, Bench-Cano

      Pitchers-Sheets, Daniel Cabrerra, Capps, Broxton, Cj wilson, Rauch, okajima, Danks, Harden, Dontrell and armando galarraga

    • bedard is hurt and zito wont get you any wins

    • My team in a 16 team league is better than that:

      C-Victor Martinez
      1B- Todd Helton
      2B- Kelly Johnson
      3B- Alex Rodriguez
      SS- Rafael Furcal
      OF- Alex Rios
      OF Jeremy Hermida
      OF- Adam Jones
      Util- Mark Teahen
      Util- Milton Bradley
      BN-Brian Giles
      BN- Stephen Drew
      BN- Jerry Owens

      SP- Carlos Zambrano
      SP- Matt Cain
      SP- Edinson Volquez
      RP- Chad Cordero
      RP- Eric Gagne
      P- Brian Fuentes
      P- Ryan Franklin
      P-Randy Wold
      BN- Francisco Liriano
      BN- Brandon Morrow
      BN- Wandy Rodriguez
      DL- Rich Harden

      This league includes holds as a stat. You have some serious work to do on your team because you are gonna get handled in stolen bases and saves. Also you have a lot of pitchers who are going to you in WHIP and ERA.

    • does it taste good when u blow yourself like that?

    • Haha man, everyone just blasted this guy. And rightfully s. I don't know if you need any advice since you have the best team ever, but drop Zito already...

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