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  • Marc F Marc F Apr 14, 2008 1:14 PM Flag

    ask me a question!

    thanks! so far, so good, so ask away...

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    • 12 Team, 21 Player, Non-Keeper Rotisserie Based Private Yahoo Leauge:
      C-Brian McCann
      1B-Derek Lee, Carlos Delgado
      2B-Dan Uggla
      3B-Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria
      SS-Hanley Ramirez
      OF-Valdimir Guerrero, Justin Upton, Ichiro Suzuki, Austin Kearns
      UTIL-Billy Butler

      SP-Felix Hernandez, Bronson Arroyo, Joe Blanton, Ted Lilly, Shaun Marcum, Clay Buchholz, Mark Prior(DL)
      RP-Takashi Saito, Joakim Soria, Joba Chamberlain

      Looks pretty solid to me, Im not too dead set on Blanton and Arroyo and Lilly is struggling with command

      I'm thinking of dropping Buckholz, and adding a more solid SP
      Few FAs:
      Glavine, Mussina, Eveland, Dempster, Kuo, Jurrjens, Saunders, Lee and Correia

      I have a few too many OFs so I was thinking of dropping maybe Kearns or someone else for maybe Bill Hall or would you suggest carrying one more good middle reliever/set-up man to keep my ratios in check:
      Few FAs:
      Torres, Heilman, Kobayashi, Meredith and Moylan

      What do you guys think about young pitchers like Homer Bailey, Luke Hochevar, Ross Detwiler, and Clayton Kershaw seeing much time this year?

      I have Prior stashed at DL, think I should forget about him and maybe try Shawn Hill, El-Duque or Garza?

      I could also try to trade, I have on GM intrested in getting hitters and is willing to give up Kazmir possibly, I could maybe throw in Arroyo or Blanton and get some help there somehow...

      My 2B isnt doing too hot, batting under .200, and suggestions for pickups?

      Thanks in advance for the help

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      • eveland looks good, keep an eye on those pitchers you said were questionable. lilly is not droppable, and those n/a pitchers are not wotrth a gamble, who knows when they'll get here. hall and moylan are worth a gamble, though hall is streaky; looks like he came to play this year. uggla will be fine. kamsir would be a nice pick up, if you don't have to pay more than you said

      • Keep an eye open on Dan Ugla, he is about to lost his position with Robert Andino.

        Rivera has been really great this starting, consider the posibility to find another RP instead of Chamberlain.

        Remember Braun can play OF too, longoria will not be in the team up to after All Start Brake. we could be talking for about 3 months. So you can look for 3B or OF in the FA (Bryan is giving you this mobility because he can play in the OF).

        I share your appreciation about Kearns, I don't like it either. Prior will be taking the DL spot up to probably June, and anyway,we can not know for sure how he will be at his return.

        This is the best moment to find young good players available on your league, check if any of these roockies have been already taken (Brian Bannister, Micah Owings, Edison Volquez, Jhonny Cueto), If they are, don't hesitate and take them, they are looking like the best new promises for this year

      • take it...i also like it

    • would you trade lastings milledge and troy glaus
      for brian roberts?

    • should i make some trade offers to see what i can get for russel martin or should i hold on to him

    • 10 team league Head to Head that's 8x8 categories (h, 2b, 3b, hr, r, rbi, avg, sb and ip, w, l, sv, cg, k, era, whip) We start 1 at each infield position, 3 outfielders, 1 utility, 2 SP, 2 RP, and 3 P.

      My roster:

      C: JR Towles, Jarrod Saltalamacchia
      1b: Carlos Pena, James Loney
      2b: BJ upton, Orlando Hudson
      SS: Jose Reyes
      3b: Ryan Zimmerman, Evan Longoria
      OF: Grady Sizemore, Delmon Young, Justin Upton, Corey Hart, Curtis Granderson
      SP: Brandon Webb, Dan Haren, Aaron Harang, James Shields, Clay Buccholz, Dustin Mcgowan
      RP: Kevin Gregg, Chad Cordero

      I'm trying to get Papelbon. Is a Delmon Young/Corey Hart combo too much to pay to get him? Pap's current owner's OF looks like this: Hideki Matsui, Magglio Ordonez, JD Drew, Joey Gathright, Rick Ankiel and Billy Butler. His RPs are Jonathan Papelbon, Huston Street, Brad Lidge, and Francisco Rodriguez. Will his depth issues at OF make him more likely to make a move?

    • 9 owner league... I am looking to trade Soria as I need power as my power guys have not been hitting.... Based on my team below.. What is Soria's value.. I am being offer Griffey is that too much.. not enough ... and not good enough?

      C Ryan Doumit
      1B David Ortiz
      2B Dustin Pedroia
      3B ?lex Rodr?guez
      SS Miguel Tejada
      OF Carl Crawford
      OF Gary Sheffield
      OF J.D. Drew
      Util Kosuke Fukudome
      Util Aaron Hill
      Util Evan Longoria

      SP Brandon Webb
      SP Josh Beckett
      SP John Maine
      RP Jonathan Papelbon
      RP Billy Wagner
      P Joba Chamberlain
      P Todd Jones
      P Kerry Wood
      P Brian Fuentes
      P Dana Eveland
      P Joakim Soria
      BN Trevor Hoffman
      BN Francisco Liriano
      DL Rich Harden

    • Im getting no hits what do i need to do?

      OF-Melky Cabrera
      OF-Chris Young
      Util-Wigginton DL
      Bn-Lowel DL

      SP-Willis DL
      SP-Oliver Perez

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      • there must be better of out there. put them on your watch list. nady is streaky and melky is not an ideal fantasy player.wiggy is too streaky, you don't have to wait on him. looks like you don't need lowell, but make sure you add someone solid, and not just someone who'd hot now. go to the player list and see who'd producing in the categories you need. the others will come around

    • If u just picked up Soria and an owner is asking for trade for him..

      I have..:

      But I need power hitters as mine currently not hitting.. I have:

      As my power guys

    • 12 Team H2H league currently 1st by 3 1/2 games
      I know SS and CF are weak right now but I think i can win with this team, any suggestions of how i can improve without drastic change? $480 to be won, can this team deliver a championship?

      C Geovany Soto
      1B Mark Teixeira
      2B Brian Roberts
      3B David Wright
      SS J.J. Hardy
      LF Billy Butler
      CF Hunter Pence
      RF Jeremy Hermida
      Util Mark Reynolds
      BN Magglio Ord??ez
      BN Gary Sheffield
      BN Bengie Molina
      BN Jeff Kent
      SP John Smoltz
      SP Shaun Marcum
      RP Mark Lowe
      RP Brandon Lyon
      P Joe Borowski
      P Eric Gagne
      P Dana Eveland
      BN Dan Wheeler
      BN Francisco Liriano
      BN Ben Sheets
      BN B.J. Ryan
      DL Rafael Soriano
      DL Scott Kazmir

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      • molina should get some time over soto. he's a clean-up hitter and is performing well. a lot of pressure on your outfield, but i see mags, so you'll be ok. i'm sure you're aware your closers inflate you era and whip, but hey, whatcha gonna do..ryan is crucial; i'm sure his first save gave you a sigh of relief (no pun). assuming sheets stays healthy, kasmir is your key. if he delivers, that dough could be yours

    • How do pitchasrs score points

    • Hey Humble!

      Is Gabe Kapler for real? I got J. Damon on the bench with Kapler on the wire...who's got more upside?

      Thanks buddy!

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