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    God I hate public leagues. 5 people quit after the draft every year and never show up again or even check there emails for trades. 2 or 3 will quit by mid season. Then theres the inning scam artists who drops all his pitchers every night to hoard wins and k's in a hope to make up for his pathetic line up. Theres always one guy who picks up 7 closers and wont trade away the 2 extras unless u give him a top tier player like tori hunter for matt capps. Or chipper jones for cj wilson. lol. Then there are the idiots who drop good players after 2 weeks. In public leagues nation wide people are dropping pedro martinez and picking up cueto? WOW! To me that just means u draft horribly. I mean I picked up mussina in round 21 and zito in 20. How can I drop either of those 2 for a unproven rookie who had a couple of good games in april? Remember anibal sanchez?...lol Zito and mussina are gauranteed at least 130 k's and a whip under 1.35 with 10 wins. Not to mention if they have a bad month i know they will turn it around. Can u say that about an unproven rookie? No! And u will be pissed when your looking for mark buerhle who you dropped in week 2. Little did u know he turned it around and now has a better era then queto. Too late though. Somebody else already picked up your trash. Thats public leagues for u. Im trying to turn my team into an all left handed team. Yet i cant get a guy to take russel martin for mauer? Public league noobs dont know what a slump is. I guess they think martin is going to bat .90 this year. And mauer is going to bat 350 again. lol! public league comedy. So just to piss the guy off. i offered another guy martin for mccan. He denied it too! LMAO! I tryed to offer this loser soria for wilson so i can have an trio of left handed closers. he denied it! Sends me back iwamura for chipper. I deny it. The next day he drops iwamura. This is the last public league i will ever play. Id rather pay 30 bux and make sure im playing people instead of monkeys. WInner leagues are great. Thank god im in 1 every year. Im going for my 3rd winner league championship in 3 years.

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    • dude you must have way to much time to reply to everyones comments. Don't bother looking at my profile and trying to boost your self-esteem by saying i havn't won a damn winner league. Dude get a life a grow up. Why are you complaining for? Nobody really cares about your problems. Yea guys in my league don't answer trade requests either, but I move on and don't go post to bitch about it. dude seriously just shut up.

    • you are so right

    • I'll explain why someone should stay away from Zito.

      You barely slid under his WHIP last year, 1.347, but it was 1.403 in 2006. He had 11 wins last year on a Giants team with a few bats, but this year's Giants team has Randy Winn and Aaron Rowand hitting 3-4. He changed leagues last year and went to the light-hitting NL East, only to see his ERA go wayyyyy up and his K/9 drop yet again (as it has trended downward essentially since 2001) and his BB/9 continue to fatten. Switching to the NL is almost always favorable for an established starting pitcher due to lack of DH, use of lighter hitting utility players, and immediate unfamiliarity. The metrics and trends on him have been point towards this for several seasons now.

      Mussina's WHIP last year was nearly 1.50, if I remember correctly.

      Now I understand the idea of rostering predictable veterans, but you're behind the times on these two guys.

    • You are ripping on other managers for being 'stupid' as you try to build an 'all lefty' team?

      That is retarded. How about trying to compete? Sounds like you are the idiot manager in the league.

      Zito sucks most of the time. If he is in a groove he is worth riding during those streaks - but those have been too few and far between over the past couple years. Moose sucks too. 130 K's in 200 innings is going to hurt your K totals - and if you aren't getting elite ERA and WHIP numbers (which you aren't) then you are only hurting yourself.

      Cueto is an up and coming SP. There are a number of fantasy sites touting him - and I wasn't able to claim him off waivers in any of my leagues.

      I really don't see how you could win a competitive league if you relied on washed up-veteran pitching over emerging talent and the stars of the future.

    • NICE RANT! I have to solution to your problem, my main man. Get the easy win in the public league then go to the WINNERS LEAGUE next season.

    • This was a lot to type with one hand. Quite impressive actually.

    • and you can say all you want about zito... Mussina on the other hand. HAH! have fun with him on your team.. With his 10 wins. Whoa watch out now for those 10 wins..

    • Dont play public leagues if you hate them so much. You brag about how you are in a champions league, because you won a PUBLIC league. Why did you win the public league. Because you payed attention all season, while others, as you said, dropped out throughout the season. I myself play private leagues, and yes my keepers private league my teams sucks. But dont go complaining about the league and then go brag about how you won it 3 years ago. Get some friends, and do a private league.

    • a winner league is a league composed of all winners from the previous season. Meaning no scrubs! Right now in my winner league there are 3 defending winner league champions and 9 public league champions. honestly u wont find a more competetive league. Last year the guy who placed last. played every day and won the consilation prize. These guys are serious. Just like me. They love baseball and stats. Public leagues suck sure....but when u win one. You will see that winner leagues are very different. Everyone shows up for the draft. Nobody quits. Everybody is making moves and offering trades. People talking trash. Last year i came 1 point away from winning the triple crown. I won my baseball, football and lost my basketball league by 1. The next year i was in 2 winner leagues. My goal is to never play a public league again. just keep winning winner leagues. The ultimate goal is to win a winner league in basketball football and baseball in 1 year. The ultimate triple crown of fantasy sports!

    • No, haha, I was laughing at how pathetic you are. Go play World of Warcraft of something...

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