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  • Leigh M Leigh M Apr 11, 2008 5:53 PM Flag


    yeah you pretty much lost all credibility with you zito love, especially since it is so based upon the past. its supposed to be a fun accessable game, but I think even noobs or you know casual fantasy players who enjoy baseball know to stay away from barry zito, regardless of his middling fantasy "success" last year

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    • by the way...i dropped glavine for zito...i did not draft him...but i would...by the way...these are barry zitos stats last year on the weakest team in the league after mid season. post all star break 92 innings 82 hits 65 k's 4.11 era....1.11 whip....go find somebody who did better ill give u props and wont call u stupid anymore. until then keep searching that waiver wire u scrub. Did i mention batters batted .244 against him last year. That means the league batted less then .250 against him. You know nothing about baseball kid. Zito had to bad games and everybody said he sucks. i saw the 2nd game. Its the same reason queto had 2 games and everyone thinks hs the next pedro. your just idiots is all.

    • Why would anybody stay away from zito? can u explain that? Lol...oh lemme guess..,...brandon funston said he sucks....well i have won 2 leagues in a row....brandon funston has not. i say hes good. I wont last year with zito. i wont the year before with zito. Nuff said....go win a winner league....then talk to me....until then know your role and bow down....check my trophy case you public league peasants


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