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  • Max Gravel Max Gravel Apr 8, 2008 7:40 PM Flag

    Rate My Team, I Didn't Know Baseball Very Well ...

    I should get rid of who, and against which position ?

    C - Paul Lo Duca
    1B - Casey Kotchman
    1B - Prince Fielder
    1B - Ryan Howard
    2B - Howie Kendrick
    2B - Jeff Kent
    3B - Edwin Encarnaci?n
    SS - Michael Young
    OF - Torii Hunter
    OF - Garret Anderson
    OF - Nick Markakis
    OF - ?lex R?os

    SP :

    Erik Bedard
    Javier V?zquez
    Matt Cain
    Ian Snell
    Yovani Gallardo

    RP :

    Jos? Valverde
    Jonathan Broxton
    Rafael Betancourt
    Tony Pe?a

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    • you have a middle of the pack team at best.

    • and finally, what about BJ Ryan ?

      his he still the closer in toronto ?

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      • Did you check on Moylan, is he available? If so I'd add him, just don't expect him to last more than 2 weeks as the closer. Mike Gonzalez will be back before Soriano, maybe even this weekend. If he's available I'd stash him also.

        BJ is the closer, he just might take a few weeks to work himself back into that role. Accardo is doing it now, but he is not gonna take Ryans job away unless Ryan loses it due to poor performance. BTW He's coming off the DL in a few days!

        Qualls has allready been given a save opportunity which he converted. He's second on the RP depth chart behind Lyon, and I would bet $100 he gets the closer job before Pena. The funny thing is Juan Cruz is the best RP on that team, and he is used for mopup duty in losses and blowouts.

        Assuming you Gonzalez and Moylan are gone, this is exactly what I suggest. Drop Pena for Ryan. Move Ryan to the DL. Add Qualls. If you don't have a DL spot open then drop Betancourt also. If Moylan and/or Gonzalez are available I'd drop Betancourt and/or Broxton for them.

    • thank you both !

      yahoo are saying that Pena and Qualls are the two in line for taking lyon jobs as the diamondback savers ...

      so should I keep pena until lyon falls and wait to see which of pena or qualls take the job ?

      or drop broxton or betancourt to take qualls to be sure to have the next DB closer ?

    • Your relievers could be better but your lineup looks great. I can't believe you were able to get prince fielder and ryan howard on the same team. Your starting pitching makes up for the fact that you might not have as many saves, oh well it's just one category.

    • well ... I mean a closer ... cuz i got none right now I think !

    • thank you christian, your post help me a lot

      but the guy after you just tell about the inverse !!! anyway ... i'm confident right now with my starting pitcher, and with valverde

      i'm just asking questions about :

      Jonathan Broxton
      Rafael Betancourt
      Tony Pe?a

      do I need to drop one of them and searching for a better closer to get SV ?

    • You should upgrade at C, Dump Kotchman, Why do you have Kent, you need to improve at 3B, Improve your depth in OF - supplement your needs power, speed, avg, more than Anderson provides and try to add a combo infielder that can play 2B/SS/possibly 3B.

      Now your pitching - add another starter and pick up another closer or two and lose your middle relief depth. If you can't find closers add two more starters and keep middle relief pitchers that will see a lot of innings and add to your strikeouts.

    • I also get mark reynols instead of edwin encarnacion ...

      Im only lost with my pitching staff

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      • Those are good moves, now you have two better 3B (Hall, Reynolds) a better catcher (molina) and a better fourth OF (Hall).

        I wouldn't worry about that pitching staff. Snell and Cain may only win 12 games each, but they will put up good ERA WHIP numbers and strike out 180+. Gallardo will do the same, but win more games. Bedard and Vazquez are the real question marks. Both will strike out 200+, but both could just as easily finish around 4.50 ERA 1.40 WHIP as they could 3.00 ERA 1.20 WHIP. Your ERA and WHIP will either be mid-pack or dominant depending on how those two perform. Either way your gonna kill in K's, and compete nicely in W's and S's.

    • So, I drop Garret Anderson and i get Hall instead, I can play him in the OF or at the 3B if encarnacion continue to struggle ...

      now is there someone i should drop in my pitching staff ?

      for those who don't know, I also drop 1B kotchman for catcher molina

    • You need some more 1st basemen.

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