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  • Mary Mary Apr 8, 2008 4:11 PM Flag

    Ask Any Questions!

    To Corey: Chris Young always over Billy Butler. I hate Escobar at SS, look to add Y. Betancourt...he's a young SS out of Seattle who bats 9th and with Ichiro, Beltre, and Lopez due up afterward he is lock in my opinion of 100 runs. He already has a 3-run HR and always has a green light to steal bases with his great speed. You gotta pick him up. Other than that, an amazing infield with a subpar outfield. I'm not overly crazy about your catcher as well.

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    • Please rate my team, feel free to give any advice pickups, trades, improvements. Thanks alot

      Russell Martin
      Paul Konerko
      Chone Figgins
      Adrian Beltre
      Michael Young
      Torii Hunter
      Vernon Wells
      Michael Cuddyer
      Howie Kendrick
      Ken Griffery Jr.
      Casey Blake
      Jason Bay

      Johan Santana
      Jake Peavy
      Heath Bell
      Jonathan Broxton
      Dice K
      John Maine
      Joba Chamberlain
      Tony Pena
      Scott Shields (just picked)

    • betancourt don't run like that and escobar is a stud in what resembles a serious lineup

    • how can you hate yunel escobar at SS, for Y. Betancourt? Are you crazy...

      Escobar is going to have a great year... If you don't believe me then just look at how the Braves let Renteria go and they were fine w/ escobar taking his place... escobar is going to have a very comparable year to Edgar (both of which will be better than Betancourt).

      Also, its been one week so you didn't win yet...

    • numbers and potential point out the escobar is better betancourt from seattle. Not to mention Escobar is playing for the braves and has several positions he is available for. Don't listen to this guy.

    • ya young over butler...escobar has been outstanding thus far, but obviously i am searching trade possibilites for an upgrade...as far as my catcher goes he's one of the best there is, he's better than almost every other one..catchers are weak and to have mccann there for 20 homers 80rbis nd a 290 avg is great from that position...what u got against the braves lol?...as far as outfield, i don't think it is subpar..it is average bording on a little above average..crawford is crawford..francoeur is a 25-30 homer threat, and chris young is chris young..in my opinion..thatnks for the advice

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      • You're basing you team off of possibilities alone.
        1st--Crawford is overrated but is still pretty good
        Francoer will be lucky to get 20HRs and Chris young is chris young (sucks!!!). and also i have a friend who is a braves fan and bugs the crap out of me so ya maybe i am to a fault but besides Teixeria...they're useless to me (Chipper is ok as well). but thanx for the comment.


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