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  • Sleepy Sleepy Mar 31, 2008 6:12 AM Flag

    How much do categories matter in drafting?

    First time playing competitive FBaseball. I'm in a head 2 head league with some friends, and I have the 3rd overall pick in a 10 man league. But the commissioner has added a few stat categories (instead of default) for hitters... those categories are:

    R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, IBB, AVG, XBH

    Looking at the pre-draft rankings, most people take Jose Reyes with the 3rd pick... but I'm thinking that with these settings he would be worth less than a power hitter who can get more xbh and ibb.

    What should I do? Do I take Reyes? Should I try to take someone like Pujols or Wright over him? Should I try to trade my 1st and 2nd round picks for someone else's 1st and 2nd round picks (getting a later 1st pick for a better 2nd pick)?

    Need some advice here!

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    • Instinct would tell me to grab Wright... but I would look at Jimmy Rollins at 3
      I would definitely try to trade the pick though...
      Offer the third pick to the person drafting 9th or tenth. Switch ONLY the first and second round picks, not just switching places.
      (assuming it is a snake draft)
      at 10 and 11 you should be able to grab two of these guys depending on who goes 1-9
      Pujuls (though he is a risk), holiday, cabrera, howard, sizemore, crawford, soriano (not leading off, so expect decline in SB)
      I would target Howard and Sizemore with the stats your league keeps.
      Your picks would be 10,11,23 You should be able to land three solid studs, instead of picking 3, 18, 23
      Good Luck

    • holiday allday

    • don't take holliday, i would take wright, pujols has an injured elbow that he's going to play on all season and he has no one around him in his line up.

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      • LOOK IN THE expert advice archives for the article on the sabermetric stats. a high on base % (OBP) is very good in this league. i don't know about the tilt toward power. with hits, walks and even extra base hits, a guy like ichiro, figgins, or vlad guerrero can be very valuable. I like holliday or wright with these stats over everyone else with the possible exception of ARod.

        go into your league and look at the players. you can sort them by stats. see which guys are highest in the non-standard categories and those will be your higher value picks. IBB especially has a very steep curve. definitely try to get one of the top few guys there. just don't draft pitching too early and definitely don't go after too many closers too early.

        hope this helps

    • What about grabbing Holliday with the third pick?

    • Thanks for the advice!

      Anyone else come to mind that would get a major upgrade from these categories?

      I was thinking also that Pujols and the Red Sox Brothers (Ortiz + Ramirez) get a major upgrade as well.

      Would you go for Pujols or for Wright if they were both available?

    • they matter a lot. your league is tilted toward power. reyes is no longer a 1st round pick. wright's a great option if available.

    • Yes, so what I'm asking is, which player would be the best to take with those categories?

      Should I still go for Reyes? (I'm going to assume that A-Rod and Hanley Rammirez will go 1st and 2nd, I have 3rd pick.) Should I maybe reach for someone like David Wright or someone else?

    • The draft standings are based on the default categories.

      Pick the best players who will do the best in those stats.


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