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  • AHoltz AHoltz Mar 24, 2008 7:57 PM Flag

    Classic stat tracker

    Anyone know the link?

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    • i know man - i hope they do something about it

      they are really good that way, not quite sure which development resource is holding things up

    • give it a rest.. 3 years and you cant swing with the new style? instead of whining like a girl with sand in her V, cowboy up and play the game. ya wana werk ya dont wana werk so whats it gona be?

    • Good letter. I sent a similar one yesterday. The longer I sit here trying to look at this piece of sh*t Flash StatTracker, the more irritated I get.

      I'm giving Yahoo one week to get one, or both, StatTrackers functional. After one week, I'm going to start making plans to move my league to ESPN or CBS or somewhere else.

    • I just sent this message to Yahoo:

      Put away your canned answers. Print this out and go to your boss. Yahoo Sports needs to do one of two things, update the Classic Stat-Tracker with the new stats or Update the new Stat-Tracker so that it is able to be resized to full screen. Plain and simple. We are paying $130 to use your site, in all honesty, there are 10 sites that are not only cheaper, they are more user friendly. We have been doing baseball on your site for 7 years now, we have been loyal, its time you guys give us something for the money we pay. Plain and simple. Keep your cut and paste answer, I don't want to hear it. I want a user friendly Stat-Tracker!

      Everyone needs to go to this link and demand that they fix one of the stat trackers.

    • I just sent Yahoo an Email as well. We should just keep emailing until they give in. It's horrible.

    • All they need to do is MAKE IT BIGGER!!!!!!!!

    • Just an update: Yahoo says that Classic will work as long as your league isn't using any of the new stats added this year (Quality Starts, etc.). This is why Classic is still working for some people. But, Yahoo will not spend any time or resources updating it (for new stats and other things) in the future.

      Honestly, I have no idea what Yahoo is thinking. The Flash version of ST is horrid, has been horrid for 3 years, and the only reason my league kept paying for a PLUS league was because Classic ST was still available.

      Yahoo, please, for the love of God, make the Flash ST not suck (starting with making it bigger so you can actually see information) and/or give us back Classic ST.

    • I agree. Lets push for the return of Classic. The Flash version is horrible, since you can't resize it.

    • Oh Man!
      That is a piss poor excuse from yahoo!
      Lets geta petition together to get the old stat tracker back!

    • Email from Yahoo. This sucks:

      Hello Ryan,

      Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Sports.

      I appreciate your inquiry with regards to MLB StatTracker Classic.

      Regretfully, we no longer offer the Classic version of the MLB
      StatTracker. Managers who have purchased the MLB StatTracker will need to access the newer Flash version.

      I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you if you preferred the Classic version.

      I value your interest in Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. Whenever you have further comments or questions, please feel free to email me again.

      Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Sports.



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