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  • doug c doug c Mar 4, 2008 6:18 AM Flag

    rate my team....1-10....i give me a 6 (3 for hitting and 9 for pitching)

    ok do this!!!!
    Keep johan and vazquez. trade peavy for a big bat, prince or ryan howard. trade cole for a multi stat guy like bj upton (he's good since you can use him in 2 positions, bonus!) if not maybe granderson. now you still need to make one more big move put putz on the block see what other big OF bat you can get maybe manny (contract yr) or adam dunn (poor avg though, manny is the better choice) if you can't get any 1 to bite on that then move hoffman for sheffield or take a shot with delmon young. trade delgado for an innings eater with upside, maybe dice-k. now your team is solid you might actually win!!!
    line up
    c- salty
    1b- prince
    2b- upton/kendrick
    ss- tulowitzki
    3b- beltre
    of- manny
    of- pierre
    of- upton/guillen/burrell
    sp- johan
    sp- vazquez
    rp- mariano
    rp- hoffman
    p- dice-k
    p- zito(play him situationally)
    see if you can move one of your back ups for another rp maybe heath bell or okijima


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