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  • Ryan Ryan Feb 21, 2008 8:25 PM Flag


    Pick one team from the NL/AL
    If you take one from group 1 then take one from group 2, and vise versa

    Heres whos left

    AL Group 1: Indians, Blue Jays

    AL Group 2: Twins, Oakland, Rangers, Orioles, Royals

    NL Group 1: D-backs, Rockies, Phillies?, Padres, Cubs?, Braves

    NL Group 2: Cards, Nats,Giants, Pirates

    The ?'s are for the ppl who have those teams but havent given me a roster...whoever wants to join can pick a team and if the ppl who selected those teams hasnt given me a roster whoever emails me @ wwe4life1@yahoo.com and claims tht they want those teams will get them 2marro...so please every1 join!!

    League Id- 106046
    password- mlb08

    join 2night and give me ur roster!


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